Cloud Phone System

What is a softphone?

Your business should be utilising the performance benefits of a Softphone

10 reasons to choose a cloud phone system from Enreach

Learn about the features, flexibility and value a cloud solution will bring to your business, making it simpler to work from anywhere and stay connected to your customers.

How to stay secure with your cloud phone system

For many businesses, keeping customer data safe and secure is a top priority. In an era of cyberattacks, malware ransoms and data breaches, companies are having to work smart to stay ahead and stay protected.

Benefits the call recording feature has on your business

Call recording can be useful for several businesses and applications and isn’t just constrained to call centres (or cloud contact centres). Any business who wants to learn more about their processes, how queries are resolved and time for resolution, and how to improve the customer experience can benefit from using call recording software.

The difference between business and home phone services

If you’ve recently set up a business, or your business is going through a growth phase, you might well be starting to think about investing in a dedicated business phone system. However, if your business is small or manages well enough at the moment without a phone system, you could also be wondering about why to invest in one.

What internet speed do I need for cloud telephone systems?

One of the key things you’ll have seen about cloud telephone systems time and time again is that they operate through broadband internet connections. That means you need a reliable connection to effectively use your cloud phone system and all its included features.

Will call quality drop when switching to a cloud telephone system?

Maintaining call quality is often a concern many businesses have when looking at switching to a cloud telephone system. After all, no one wants to go through the expense and downtime of an install only to discover your new system sounds worse to customers and colleagues alike.

One Contact

When it comes to deciding between having a single, or multiple comms’ providers, we believe that one contact means one happy you. Why not read on and make the switch today?

What are the different types of business phone systems?

If you’re starting up a new business, acquiring your first business premises, or scaling an existing set up, choosing the right type of business phone system is an essential piece of equipment to get your communications running smoothly.

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