5 Benefits of a business phone system

Thursday, 18th October 2018

Many small to medium sized businesses are still making do with basic office phones connected to multiple lines or, even worse, personal mobile phones. Investing in a business phone system is essential for both small to medium sized businesses and larger enterprises. Here we have detailed just 5 of the many benefits that a business phone system can offer businesses of all sizes.

1) Reliability
One of the main benefits that SMEs with a business phone system can enjoy is reliability. From the fact that you can utilise call recording to ensure the information you’re using from a call is correct, to making use of features like professional voicemail to ensure you never miss a call or potential sale, a business phone system keeps you talking to your customers.

Hosted voice phone systems are also backed up externally so that if your broadband connection goes down you will still be able to use your phone system, making it extremely reliable. Many features of a business phone system offer you that all important peace of mind.

2) Increased productivity
All businesses, big or small, want to increase their productivity and a business phone system is a great way to do that. A business phone system allows you and your colleagues to work from anywhere, with direct call routing to your mobile phones which ensures your clients can always get in contact. This means that your employees can work from anywhere at any time. Snow storm? Not to worry, your employees can work from home!

In addition, calls can be put through to other colleagues in the click of a button to ensure that, if you’re busy, the client will still be helped as your colleague will have access to all of the client notes as part of the business phone system software.

A great feature of business phone systems is that they grow with your business, perfect for SMEs. Your business phone system can grow as your business expands but can also be cut back, if needed. As business phone systems are flexible and easily adaptable, you can upgrade and downgrade your services when needed so if you expect to need more bandwidth it’s easy to upgrade and if you’re taking on a number of new employees, you can easily purchase new handsets.

4)Cost effectiveness
Cost savings are often one of the biggest reasons SMEs choose to move to a business phone system. The return on investment (ROI) with a business phone system is huge, making them a worthy investment in the long run. Furthermore, reduced cost-per-call is a major consideration for a lot of SMEs. A business phone system saves you a lot of extra costs such as extra lines, line rates and calls. Not only that but a business phone system will save you a lot of time and as we all know – time is money.

5)Improved sales potential
Regardless of the industry your business is in, sales are always a priority and a business phone system can directly improve your sales potential. First and foremost, a business phone system gives a professional image from the get go to any potential customers who call your business. There are a variety of software features that can vastly improve your sales including things such as voicemail, call recording and call reporting. Features such as advertising on hold mean that you can potentially make a sale before you have even answered the phone!

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