5 Business benefits of hosted voice

Friday, 25th October 2019
Hosted Voice

Hosted voice, often referred to as hosted VoIP, allows business owners to enjoy all the features of traditional phone systems for a cheaper cost, thanks to calls being made over their internet connection. The phone system is stored and maintained in the cloud not only reducing costs but also increasing mobility, improving fix times, increasing flexibility and providing more consistency.

1. Cost effective

Your phone system should make, not cost your business money. With hosted voice you have all the additional features that allow your business to make money such as advertising on hold and call recording plus, you save money on call charges.

Hosted voice allows you to avoid the call costs associated with traditional phone systems. In addition, the phone system is hosted in the cloud meaning significantly less call out charges for engineers to look at your physical phone system.

2. Increased mobility

With more and more employees working remotely, it is essential that your business phone system makes provisions for this. Cloud based phone systems allow your remote workers to be connected from anywhere, enabling them to access the same phone system features as office-based staff.

Hosted voice systems offer mobile integration which means your business mobile is essentially turned into an IP phone which gives you complete desk phone functionality through your business mobile.

3. Improved fix times

Your phone system is arguably one of the most important aspects of your business, as after all, it is still the primary way by which your customers and potential customers reach you. If your phone system acquires a fault, this downtime ultimately costs your business money. With a traditional phone system, you need an engineer to attend your premises to look at the system while diagnosing and fixing the fault, which can often take hours, or even days.

With hosted voice, fix times are drastically increased. As the phone system is situated in the cloud, they can be managed and fixed remotely in much less time. This also removes high call out costs.

4. Increased flexibility & scalability

Hosted phone systems allow you to have a phone system consisting of features that specifically suit your business needs. You can choose which additional features you require and these can be added or deducted, as and when you require them. Furthermore, hosted phone systems don’t expect your employees to all have the same needs. You can customise your system to ensure that each job role has access to the specific phone system features it requires.

Scalability is a huge advantage associated with hosted voice which is just simply unavailable with a traditional phone system. A hosted phone system means that you can add physical handsets as well as features, as your business grows, without any disruption.

5. More consistency

With ever-changing communication and business trends, including remote working and multi-site businesses, employees are often expected to use a variety of phone systems depending which office they are in or when they’re working from home. With a hosted phone system this is no longer the case. Your phone system, hosted in the cloud, will be the same regardless of which office you’re in.

This also applies to any staff who work on the road, such as sales consultants, as the system is the same wherever they’re located. It isn’t just the phone system itself that is consistent, but the features associated with it, such as conference calling capabilities and instant messaging to colleagues.

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