5 key differences between Domestic and Business Broadband

Thursday, 5th September 2019

As a business owner you may have wondered, when searching for a suitable broadband package that meets your specific needs, what exactly the differences are between a domestic broadband package and a business broadband package. Very often cost is an obvious difference, but as to why this is the case, can benefit from some clarification.

Therefore, in the interest of shedding some light on this topic, our tech experts have compiled a useful list of 5 key differences between domestic and business broadband which will highlight and clarify the reasoning behind why you should always opt for a broadband package that’s specifically designed to enhance and elevate your business.

1. Business Specific Customer Support

In the unfortunate event that your business broadband goes down, it’s imperative any issues are resolved quickly to ensure your system is back online and your business can perform with little to no chance of lost revenue, procedural issues or disgruntled customers. For this reason, your provider will typically offer 24/7, UK based customer support with comprehensive disaster recovery plans in place, should any problems occur. In contrast, customer support departments for domestic broadband customers are often available at select times throughout the day. A large number of suppliers will also prioritise business broadband customers, so the wait time to speak to someone and have your issue resolved could be dramatically less than that of a domestic broadband customer.

2. Service Level Agreements

Business broadband packages are very often accompanied by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that dictates a certain standard of service. As a vital element of your business, we would strongly recommend you don’t sign a new broadband contract without first seeing and agreeing to the terms stipulated in your SLA. Installation lead times, speeds above a particular level, service restoration, availability, latency and packet loss should all typically be covered by your SLA, with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) being fully committed to and aware of your performance targets. If any of the stipulations within the agreement aren’t upheld, you should be entitled to compensation. With domestic broadband packages, SLAs aren’t usually included, with the provider alternatively offering a best effort service.

3. Speed

Business broadband packages are usually available in much faster speeds than domestic packages, offering speeds of around 8MB or higher. In comparison, domestic broadband offers standard speeds of 2MB – 4MB. Faster speeds for business are vital, due to the many online processes that take place daily to ensure the smooth running of an organisation. In regard to business fibre broadband, the majority of providers can offer speeds up to 76MB – even up to 1GB in some cases. Whatever speed you require for your business, you can be sure that your business broadband is scalable and able to expand as and when you do. Additionally, business customers will have their broadband speeds prioritised over customers with domestic broadband, which can result in a more reliable connection and a decrease in any potential periods of down time.

4. Security

All broadband packages come with some form of internet security, but should a business experience a breach, the consequences could be disastrous. Therefore, the majority of business broadband packages come with enhanced security features such as anti-virus and anti-spyware software, a firewall, spam and abuse control functions to ensure your business data is completely secure. Extra measures such as a data backup program and VPN are also usually available, should you require them.

5. Scalability

As we briefly mentioned above, unlike domestic broadband which usually comes with a level of rigidity in regard to package size, business broadband is typically flexible and should be able to accommodate a growing business and adapt to meet your specific needs and expansion. Fibre broadband is a particularly good option for businesses who require a scalable service, due to the fact it offers much more bandwidth than traditional alternatives and therefore allows much greater opportunities for high speed internet.

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