5 Questions to ask when hiring via video conference

Thursday, 4th June 2020
Interview via video conference

One of the benefits that businesses are experiencing, now that they’re working remotely, is the ‘new normal’ of hiring remote employees via video conference. This gives businesses the chance to hire talented staff members that would otherwise have been out of reach due to their distance from the office. Here we discuss the top 5 questions to ask when interviewing remote candidates.

What’s your remote work experience?

While staff across the country have seamlessly adapted to remote working, it’s important to find out whether your new candidate has worked remotely before. This will help to establish the level of training and support they will need, if they’re successful. It’s easy for a candidate to be attracted to the idea of remote working, and think that this equals a more relaxed environment where timescales aren’t as strict however, this isn’t the case. This question will answer whether candidates are used to communicating remotely or not as well, as some candidates may struggle communicating solely via video calls. This can lead to them feeling as though they aren’t part of the team.

If the candidate does have prior remote working experience, it’s important to ask about the challenges they faced while doing so. For example, did they struggle to manage their time? Perhaps they didn’t communicate with their team members often enough. You can find out whether or not they overcame these hurdles and whether they could potentially use these experiences as a positive in the new position.

Do you currently have an at home setup?

There have been many quick fixes for remote setups, with laptops balanced on coffee tables and sofas being turned into offices. While this may work in the short term, remote employees need a remote setup at home to ensure they can work effectively. Whether this is a simple desk space in their living room or a complete home office, it’s important to consider the setup that your new remote employee will have. After all, a proper workstation is proven to improve productivity. While this question may not be a deciding factor, it is important to consider whether the company may need to provide further apparatus as opposed to just a business phone, laptop and mobile.

What collaboration apps and technology are you used to using?

Collaboration apps such as Enreach Meetings, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become commonplace in remote workforces and it’s important to consider if your remote candidate is used to using these apps. They will need to be comfortable with joining and holding virtual meetings, as well as tracking their progress through apps such as Basecamp or Trello.

In addition, find out about the technology they’ve used before. The remote candidate may require additional training on using their new desk phone if they aren’t familiar with cloud communications technology.

How do you keep a work life balance?

While productivity is key in your remote workforce, it’s equally important for your staff to have a healthy work life balance. While offices may not be free from distractions, your home can often be much more distracting, especially during the current circumstances where most of the household will be at home. It’s important for your remote candidates to understand the importance of sticking to their working hours and taking regular breaks in order to avoid burning out.

Another question to consider is the other responsibilities that your remote candidate may have. For example, they may need to take a later lunch break in order to collect their children from school, which is something to consider when looking at the responsibilities they will hold in the position they’re interviewing for.

Why does remote working work for you?

Finding out whether your remote candidate is right for the job can be measured by asking why they enjoy working remotely. Many candidates will prefer remote working due to the flexibility it comes with. Others may find themselves more productive working in their own environment. However, it’s important to confirm that your remote candidate doesn’t want to shy away from their responsibilities by working remotely. Ideally, your candidate will suggest that working remotely enables them to be more productive.

Interviewing remotely via video conference is new for a lot of businesses and it can be challenging at first. We recommend holding the interviews via video conferencing using a platform such as Enreach Meetings, so that the interview will be face to face. While answering the questions is important, it’s equally important for you to build a rapport with the candidate in order to judge how well they will gel with the team. Interviewing remote candidates is made much easier thanks to the number of remote working solutions that we offer. Contact our team today for more information on 0333 3603 723 or enquiries.uk@enreach.com

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