5 Signs it’s time to change your business telecoms provider

Tuesday, 29th January 2019

The importance of your business telecoms are second to none, after all, they keep your business talking. This is why having the best equipment, the best service and the best provider should be a priority.  If you experience any of the issues we are discussing, it may be time to change your business telecoms provider.

1. You have more than 1 provider and more than 1 bill

If you have any more than 1 bill each billing period for your telecoms services, namely your broadband, telephone system and business mobiles then it may be time to change. We highly recommend choosing a new telecoms provider that offers you all of the services you need. Having different providers and multiple bills ultimately means that you are paying more than you need to. It also begs the question as to why none of your providers are suitable to provide all of your services. Not to mention the extra time it takes for your accounting department which could be spent in other areas.

2. Getting support is not easy

Having your business telecoms up and running constantly is imperative to any business. Customers not being able to contact you is simply not an option. Of course, these events do occur occasionally in any industry, but having the right support is crucial. If you struggle to get in contact with your telecoms provider, it may be time to change.

We suggest contacting the customer service departments of various providers to see which one offers the easiest way of getting in contact. as well as the most helpful. The comparison will help you to decide whether or not to change providers.

3. Your issues are not being fixed

With technology, occasional issues are inevitable. However, having a provider who is unable to solve these issues is avoidable. Even one issue that is not fixed in a timely manner, or to the highest standard, is enough to look into changing your provider.

We understand that there are circumstances in which the solutions to certain problems do take a little longer, but, if this is a regular occurrence, we suggest looking into a new provider. Our telecoms experts suggest contacting a potential new provider, explaining a previous issue you have had and asking how they would have gone about fixing it. This will help you to decide which provider to move to.

4. You have outdated equipment

If you have chosen to stick with an older telephone system, router or mobile handset then that is, of course, your choice. However, if you have not consciously made the decision to use an outdated telecoms solution, it may be a sign that you need to change your telecoms provider. After all, telecoms equipment updates for a reason. There are more features and business benefits than ever before, so it makes sense to be offered them by your provider. Not to mention, telecoms is one of the fastest growing sectors.

We recommend looking for a telecoms provider that not only recommends regular upgrades and has a vast knowledge of the latest technology, but one that is at the forefront of the technology used in the telecoms industry.

5. Inconsistent call quality

Phone calls are arguably still the most popular way for customers to get in touch with companies, and one of the easiest ways for businesses to use call recording to keep track of things, so bad call quality on a regular basis is going to cause big problems. The provider will need to fix this after it has been reported however, if this is a regular occurrence, it is worth simply changing provider.

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