5 Top Tips for Optimising your Home Network

Friday, 29th May 2020
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With working from home becoming the new normal for the majority of businesses, it’s important to ensure that your home network is working as effectively as possible. Working from home has highlighted the need for faster broadband speeds in many households. That’s why we have discussed our top 5 tips for optimising your home network, making remote working easier for you and your teams!

  1. Effectively manage your router

Your router will undoubtedly be under more pressure than normal when you and other members of your household are working remotely. After all, not only do you need your Wi-Fi for remote working, but your household will be using it for things like streaming TV, playing games and downloading videos.

One of the best ways to optimise your router is to ensure it is in the best location. The Wi-Fi signals from your router struggle to pass through brick and plaster, so it’s important to have as few walls between your router and your workspace as possible. This will result in a stronger connection that’s more reliable. It’s worth moving your workstation away from any kitchen appliances too, such as microwaves, as these can interfere with your Wi-Fi.

Another tip for managing your router is to monitor how many devices are connected to Wi-Fi as the more devices using it, the weaker each connection will be. We recommend turning off devices that aren’t being used to reduce the load on your router which, in turn, will strengthen the connections that are actually in use.

  1. Optimise your devices

Whilst your Wi-Fi connection is important, it’s worth checking your devices are fully optimised as well. We’ve all been there, complaining that the Wi-Fi is down when in actual fact it was an issue with your individual device, you don’t want to be that person! Make sure that your devices are working to the best of their ability by running all available updates, regularly clearing your cache and closing apps and browsers that you’re not using.

  1. Consider connecting via Ethernet

We all love to work wirelessly, moving around and working from literally everywhere, sometimes even the sofa! But, an ethernet connection is a good option for a faster and more reliable Wi-Fi signal. While a cabled connection may not be a long-term solution, you can use ethernet cables if and when you require a quicker connection.

  1. Re-configure your router

While we don’t recommend changing your router settings if you’re not confident, your IT team will be able to talk you through this. We suggest re-configuring the Wi-Fi channel that your router defaults to when you begin to work from home. As this is a default channel, it can easily result in signal interference from neighbouring connections. An easy way to do this is via free Wi-Fi analyser apps which can be used to scan near your router to see which channels are available, moving to a lesser used one will give you a faster connection.

  1. Make time to talk

When working from home you will inevitably be heavily reliant on video conferencing for keeping in touch with your colleagues, customers and suppliers. Whilst video conferencing is fantastic tool, it does demand a strong broadband connection which is especially hard to do while your Wi-Fi is being used across multiple devices. We recommend arranging set times, wherever possible, for video meetings so that instead of competing with video games and TV streaming, you can make other arrangements for other members of your household. This may not be possible all the time, in which case, consider the other methods that are available with your phone system, such as audio conferencing and chat functions.

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