Are business VoIP and cloud phone systems the same?

Monday, 22nd August 2022
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For businesses who want to upgrade their communications game to a converged contact solution, understanding the different types of phone system available can seem a bit of a minefield. Whether you’re opting for an upgrade on your current system or a brand-new cloud phone system, it’s important you choose the right system for your customers and business.

The experts at Enreach are here to help you get the right phone system for your business. Part of what we do is outlining the different types of products and systems available, so you can get the perfect solution to suit your staff and customer needs.

What is a business VoIP system?

Business VoIP systems use broadband to power the phone connections. VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, uses high speed internet connections to facilitate communications. It breaks down the voice or audio data into packets, transmits these using broadband, and reassembled on the other end. This enables a much faster response time and crystal-clear audio – and all you need is a reliable internet connection.

For business, VoIP can be used for phone calls, but also video calls, conference calls, and it can be rolled out across mobiles, compatible desk phones and even computers with softphone capabilities. As VoIP can be used across multiple devices, you can even flip calls between you phones or computer depending on what’s most convenient for you. The software aspect of it also allows you to integrate apps for note taking and document sharing, and even smart office controls.

Business VoIP systems are a great solution for business who have hybrid working, as it’s easy to use in both the home, office and on the go. They’re also cost effective, with lower monthly spend required thanks to the subscription-based service (as opposed to a yearly line rental fee).

What is a cloud phone system?

Cloud phone systems are very similar to business VoIP systems, with just a few minor differences. Unlike business VoIP, cloud phone systems also offer hosted PBX (private branch exchange) as an option. PBX can operate calls internally and externally and use VoIP and traditional phone lines as an integrated system. You can connect VoIP services to PBX systems to create a complete business phone system that combines the best of both.

Cloud phone systems have all the features of VoIP and some added bonuses too. You can have automated call menus to direct queries appropriately, virtual receptionist, hold music and messages, auto attendants and smart call queueing and forwarding. With the ability to take calls whenever and wherever is most suitable, your workforce gains the freedom to work from anywhere.

How to get the right business phone system for you

It’s important that you get the right business phone system for your company, employees and customers. As a vital piece of communication equipment that can make a huge difference to your business productivity and customer satisfaction, choosing the right phone system for your business is key.

Ask yourself a few questions to help work out whether a VoIP, Cloud, PBX or other type of business phone system is right for you:

  • Is your business fully office based, fully remote, or a mixture of both?
  • Do employees have adequate access to reliable broadband at home if needed?
  • Do you need to focus on call quality, or is adding other features like video and conferencing necessary too?
  • Does your business experience seasonal peaks and troughs in demand?
  • What kind of security requirement does your phone system need?
  • Do you have the expertise to host your own solution, or do you need outside support?
  • Is call volume ever an issue at times? Is effective call queueing and management needed?
  • Are you looking for a complete solution with phone, software, security and managed IT, or just a simple communication system?
  • Is mobile necessary for part of your business communications?


Cloud phone systems and VoIP systems can help with all the above and more. A tailored business phone system from Enreach can help improve your communications, productivity, customer satisfaction and more. Why not reach out to the team today and get a no-obligation quote for free.

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