Are VoIP phone systems reliable?

Thursday, 23rd June 2022
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Businesses who are looking to upgrade their phone systems are often concerned about three key factors: cost, usability, and reliability. In an era where we rely on communication more than ever, due to hybrid and remote working being much more commonplace, choosing a business phone system that delivers reliably and without fail is essential.

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a cloud phone system used by many businesses in their communications. VoIP works by taking the voice data from a call, packetizing it into digital data, and transmitting it over an internet connection, where it is re-assembled on the other side to become a call. As it’s based on network connections, VoIP can be run through desk phones, mobile phones, desktop software, and can handover between devices with no loss of quality. It’s a much more flexible approach to business telephone systems than traditional landlines and you can run all your communications through the same system.


Reliable cloud phone systems

VoIP has become much more prominent in the last five to ten years. Advances in better internet connections, such as fibre-optic broadband, have allowed VoIP to become the system of choice for cloud telephony.

When VoIP first came out in the early 2000s, it wasn’t particularly successful as many people were still using dial-up internet. Broadband and fibre optic were a few years off being affordable and part of the usual business infrastructure. Business mobile phones and laptops were also not as commonplace, so the need for a phone system that could be used on any device, from anywhere, was in much lower demand.

Nowadays, thanks to much improved internet connectivity, speeds, and broadband quality, VoIP is a great choice for many businesses looking to improve their cloud communications. VoIP is a very reliable cloud phone system and calls often have better quality sound than landline phones. One of the reasons that makes VoIP so reliable is that business broadband will prioritise a VoIP signal over other internet traffic. This allows call quality to be retained even in busy offices, as the VoIP signal is always prioritised, even in times of sudden surges in network traffic.

To make a VoIP system even more reliable, businesses could opt to have two different broadband networks – one specifically for VoIP data, and one for more general internet traffic. This also means that should one broadband network go down unexpectedly, or require maintenance, you still have an internet connection available for use. Using a 4G cellular data back-up also further acts as a safety net in times of outages.

VoIP’s flexible nature (able to be used on computers, mobiles, desk phones, tablets and more) also helps improve its reliability as you’re not tied to a single fixed phone. You can easily switch calls between linked devices, and the system means there’s no chance of accidentally dropping a call or having to run through a complicated line transfer. Customers and colleagues gain peace of mind that no matter when they call, you’ll be able to connect them thanks to the flexible and reliable approach of VoIP.


Switching to VoIP

Almost all UK premises have access to good or better rated broadband connections, so switching to VoIP systems should be relatively straightforward, with businesses able to reap the benefits and increased reliability immediately. While it might seem daunting to switch your current communication set up to a cloud-based phone system, as businesses almost universally have internet now, and homes too, making the switch is very simple.

The team at Enreach can provide your business with a full consultancy offering on what kind of VoIP set up would work best for you. As experts in cloud communications, the team are on hand to advise and can even create bespoke solutions to best fit the needs of your business. Contact us today to find out more.


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