Benefits of CTI for the healthcare sector

Monday, 16th July 2018

At Enreach we have been providing business phone systems to the healthcare sector for over twenty years, helping to boost both the productivity and efficiency of practices all over the country. Fully integrating with CRM systems including e-Clinic and System for Dentists, we also partner with Oak, an accredited EMIS partner for over ten years, to offer the PatientConnect. PatientConnect is the only system of its kind to offer integration with EMIS Web, TTP SystmOne and Vision Health.

PatientConnect integrates your clinical system with your telephony solution and operates with changing NHS technologies. With CTI (computer telephony integration) you can link up your practice technology and help to streamline your operations. PatientConnect offers the following functionality and benefits:

Functionality of CTI for medical professionals

  • When your practice receives an inbound call, a ‘screen pop’ dashboard displays caller’s details, alerts and medical records on your screen so that you can begin the call personally and fully informed.
  • You can click on your screen to dial patients’ numbers, saving the time spent manually entering phone numbers.
  • When you answer a call, the PatientConnect dashboard will launch and show information for the caller, including bespoke notes and the option to launch a clinical system search.
  • Where a telephone number appears against multiple entries, the dashboard will display all matches so that you can select the correct caller and launch a clinical system search.
  • When you receive a call from a ‘new’ number you will see an alert on your screen that invites you to capture the number on your system. You can then obtain permission to use the number and paste it into an appointment slot or into a patient’s record.
  • Mobile number verification can be used to ensure that the numbers you have stored are still live and registered to a network.

Benefits of CTI for healthcare professionals

  • Save time on every call (10-30 seconds) by not having to repeat details, spell names and by viewing audit trails and clinical system patient records with simple one-click access.
  • By capturing new numbers, you can keep up to date when a patient changes their phone number, avoid the human error attached with manually dialling numbers and ensure that automated appointment reminders are delivered to the correct numbers (therefore reducing cancellations).
  • Improve clinical outcomes and maximise QoF income for your practice by utilising information alerts. By engaging with patients about alerts (eg. not taken up a flu clinic, due a smear test, check smoking status) even if they have called the practice about another matter, you can collect and clarify details and increase QoF income from LES based on potential procedures booked.
  • Save time with click to dial. Dial from PatientConnect, web pages, on screen speed-dials or call logs. This is particularly useful for a GP making patient call backs.
  • Reduce appointment cancellations by verifying the mobile numbers you have on file and improving the effectiveness of SMS appointment reminders. This also reduces the admin time of having to follow up on a failed SMS and increases the response rates to SMS health campaigns/ clinics.
  • Reduce both the number of abandoned calls and the average wait time for a call to be answered.

Key points to remember about CTI for healthcare 

  • Quickly identify which patient is calling
  • Instantly see patient demographics and details on your screen
  • Keep records current and regularly updated
  • Comply with QoF/ LES requirements to maximise income
  • Get in touch with your patients quickly using click to dial
  • Mobile number verification to cleanse your data

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