Benefits the call recording feature has on your business

Monday, 5th September 2022

A common feature found in cloud telephone systems is call recording. Call recording can be useful for several businesses and applications and isn’t just constrained to call centres (or cloud contact centres). Any business who wants to learn more about their processes, how queries are resolved and time for resolution, and how to improve the customer experience can benefit from using call recording software.

Businesses who utilise call recording and use the feedback from the data collected have the potential to improve in multiple areas and help customers and employees find a better route to success.

Improve First Time Fix Rate and Resolution Time

When customers contact your business, they either have a question or a problem. Both scenarios mean the person calling wants to get information and they want to get it in a timely manner so they can carry on their day.

One of the major frustrations often cited with customer service calls is being passed between departments and staff, having to wait on hold for long periods of time, and not being able to get the answer on that call. This quickly breeds frustration in the caller, and disempowers the staff member trying to help, but finds themselves stuck and unable to.

By deploying call recording, you can analyse the calls that come in and work out data such as:

  • How many calls are ‘first time fixes’ – and what’s the average time a customer spends on the phone in a first-time fix scenario?
  • What’s the average call resolution time?
  • How often are customers having to be transferred between departments to get their query to the right place?
  • Is the first point of contact staff able to effectively redirect the call or answer it with their current knowledge level?
  • Is the phone line used of a suitable quality – can customers hear staff clearly (especially important when handling sensitive data).

With this, you can get a better understanding of where first-time fixes are falling down, and put in training for staff or options such as automated menus or virtual attendants to help direct callers right from the moment they pick up the phone.

Streamline Queries and Processes

If you analyse your call data and notice that lots of people are calling but their queries are having to be passed to other departments, senior staff, or jump through lots of hoops to get answers, maybe it’s time to look at the kinds of queries coming in and the processes they go through.

It may be that you implement an automated menu to direct queries more appropriately in the first instance or have a virtual assistant who can help with FAQs or switchboards. You may find that customers are being asked to share the same details over and over, resulting in frustration, so perhaps a more effective call log or customer access portal would benefit. It could even be that you find customers aren’t being given the chance to feedback on their experience, which again can share valuable insight into how your processes and queries operate.

Effective call management can also help improve how queries are answered and the processes customers go through. You may be able to reduce hold time, capture more leads, and up your first-time fix rate with a call management system

Understand Common Questions and FAQs

Call recording can reveal a lot of things about what people are looking for from your business! If a vast majority of your calls are coming in wanting basic information, such as opening hours, to place orders, booking queries or other similar quick questions, your online presence may need updating. FAQ sections on websites, updated social media and AI powered chat bots are great ways to help people get quick and simple information without needing to pick up the phone.

You could even set up an automated option in your business telephone system to answer FAQs with pre-recorded messages, or use these as part of your on-hold marketing. These can be updated as needed to continue helping customers effectively.

Upskill Staff Knowledge and Customer Skills

It’s not just customers you learn more about when looking at call recording data – it can reveal a lot about how your employees handle queries. If you notice that a lot of your first point of call staff are having to pass on queries or are unable to effectively help customers in that first instance, it could be worth updating their training or looking at how to develop their customer facing skills. Are calls being passed on because of a lack of knowledge, or are employees disempowered and feel like they don’t have the authority to help? All calls coming through to the right people in the first instance, or is there misdirection?

Speak to your staff and see what skills or knowledge they feel they are lacking which could help benefit customers and make their jobs easier to do. See it as a good opportunity to recognise where people may need a little more help, but also to celebrate staff who are always going above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service.

Resolve Disputes Easily

No one ever wants to get into a situation of who said/you said, especially when both parties are just keen to get a resolution to the dispute. Call recording allows you to quickly check on the call logged, giving you irrefutable proof to help support a case. Protect the integrity of your business by using call recording in an ethical manner to resolve disputes with minimal fuss.

Discover how you can maximise your phone system with the use of call recording features to benefit your business. Get started with a cloud phone system from Enreach today and see what other inclusive features you can make the most of.

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