Business Energy Pricing Report: August

Tuesday, 27th August 2019
Energy Prices August

When choosing the most competitive business energy rate for your business, it is important to look at the various factors that are affecting energy prices in order to secure the best energy rates for your business. Within this summary you will learn more about August’s energy market as well as how and why prices were impacted.

August overview

Energy prices in August were heavily impacted by the decline of the pound, which is heading towards its worst month since October 2016 as a result of continued fears of a no-deal Brexit. Crude oil prices dropped towards the end of the month with Brent Crude Oil losing close to $4/bbl in a single day, resulting in a positive impact on contract prices.

Contributing factors

Business energy prices in August were impacted by the following:

  • Coal usage to generate electricity remains at zero
  • A drop in wind generation and the strengthening of gas means contract prices are expected to increase
  • Brent crude oil has been trading at 7.3% less than in July
  • Sterling hit a 30 month low against the US dollar
  • Negotiations to end the trade war between the US and China are ongoing

Our recommendation

Our business energy experts have analysed August’s energy market and in turn have recommended that businesses look to enter energy contracts as soon as possible while the market is stable.

How can we help?

As well as helping businesses to get the best deals on their business telecoms and IT services we also offer the most competitive rates on business energy contracts.

We compare 10’s of thousands of tariffs from a variety of recommended suppliers in order to reduce your business energy bills by up to 45% while fixing your rates for a longer period of time. We regularly look at political factors, oil prices and market fluctuations, while monitoring the market to ensure that your business will get the best possible energy deal.

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