Business phone system features

Thursday, 24th February 2022
Business phone system features

When thinking of a business phone system many assume it includes the ability to make calls, transfer calls, put callers on hold and forward callers to voicemail. These are very useful and important features of a business phone system. However, there are also many additional features of business phone systems that can benefit your business. You may not be aware that a phone system can be integrated with video calling, mobile devices and chat functions. In this article we take a look at business phone system features in depth so you can understand the benefits of upgrading or switching your phone system provider.

We’ve covered some of the key business phone system features so you can get the insight you need to make effective decisions.

Call based features

There are multiple call-based features included in business phone systems. These features help employees to effectively manage incoming and outgoing calls and improve efficiency. In addition to efficiency, call features can help improve a business’s image.

Professional voicemail

There will always be times where a call cannot be taken. A professional voicemail system encourages the caller to leave a message and information on the reason for the call. This improves their perception of the business and allows the employee to save time when responding, as they already have all of the details.

Call recording

Call recording can help in a number of circumstances, some industries are legally required to record calls. Even if you don’t fall into this category, call recording can help train staff, improve the quality of the responses provided, and keep a detailed record of any issues or disputes.

Music and marketing messages on hold

Customers on hold are in a unique position, they are a captured audience. Our marketing on hold feature can help to cross sell other services or inform customers of ways they can manage their account online, reducing the incoming calls to your business. Music on hold provides a much better experience and conveys a professional image to callers.

Call management

Call management features allow you to gain better visibility of incoming and outgoing calls, productivity and identify any issues. View your team members and the number of calls they have been making, get details of missed calls and any calls that occur outside of your business hours. Reporting is also included as part of call management. This provides user friendly information on calls and team performance, great for quick reviews of the activity.

Flexible working features

In the new era of hybrid working being the norm, your business phone system needs to be able to keep up. Many features of cloud telephones are geared towards being able to work from anywhere without any dip in quality or service. Features like fixed mobile convergence (FMC), call forwarding, video conferencing, Microsoft app integration, and calling with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allow employees to effectively work no matter where they are. Often, all that’s needed to activate the key features of business telephones is a reliable internet connection, making working from anywhere easy for staff.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing provides the functions for teams to work remotely but still collaborate and have regular meetings at the touch of a button. Meetings with video help to keep employees connected when they are working remotely and maintain important business relationships. Screen sharing, document transfer, chat functions, and private meetings of up to 25 participants are made easy with Enreach. Employees only need access to a browser, removing the need for clunky software that slows down computers. Remote collaboration becomes quick and easy and all part of your business phone system.

Mobile integration

Mobile integration enables employees to be contacted on the move, never missing a business call again. Mobile integration uses WIFI calling so you can save money on your mobile phone contract and save your minutes. Features that are available on your desk phone can now be accessed on your mobile. This is great for small businesses who have employees with dual roles that take them away from their desk on a regular basis, or for employees who want to offer even more flexible working options.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Integration with CRM systems improves efficiency, speeds up the number of calls and how quickly an employee can successfully respond to a caller. It brings up all of the information the CRM system holds about the caller, this can include their personal details, services they have, and details about previous calls. This improves the call delivery and portrays a more professional image to the caller. Employees making outgoing calls can also use CRM system integration to find numbers and easily call customers with just a click.

At Enreach we offer flexible business phone systems that can evolve as your business grows and changes. The features listed in this article are only some of the many features available as part of our business phone systems and cloud phone system solutions.

Dedicated account handler expert

When choosing to upgrade to a dedicated business phone system, you’ll also receive an expert account handler to provide you guidance and advice to get the most from your package. Your account handler will be able to help at every step, from set up and training on products, to reviewing and making recommendations on how to maximise your package.

Whatever your business need is for communications, your expert account handler will be able to review, advise and implement effective programmes for you, allowing you to reap the benefits quickly.

Automated features

Work smarter, not harder, by making the most of the host of automated features included within a business phone system. Features you can access include call forwarding set up (ideal of out of hours, busy periods, or holiday), virtual receptionists, automated menus (to help direct queries appropriately), and there’s the option to add instant messaging, live chat, and AI-powered chat bots to help with common questions.

Make the most effective use of employee time by funnelling calls and queries to the right place first time, helping boost productivity and even potentially reducing ‘busy work’.

Scalable for growing businesses

Whether you’re a small business, an SME, or an enterprise, business growth is something everyone is working towards – and that should include your phone system. As more employees and customers join, businesses need to ensure their communication infrastructure is capable of handling whatever comes their way. From higher call volume to more users, adding business mobile SIMs, and being adaptive to a hybrid workforce, a robust business phone system will be there every step of the way.

It’s easy to add more users or remove users in quieter periods (particularly valuable if you are a seasonal business). Thanks to the subscription-based service, modern business phone solutions make it easy to scale up or down with minimal fuss.

Want to find out more about business phone system features and how your company and staff could benefit? Contact the friendly expert team at Enreach today for a chat about your needs.

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