Are you making these business phone system mistakes?

Friday, 11th May 2018

It’s no secret that a reliable and efficient business phone system is a key foundation for any successful business. By keeping you talking to your customers, partners and colleagues, having an office telecoms setup that allows you to make and receive calls quickly and easily is crucial. But, did you know that, by not utilising some of the key features available, there are a number of phone system mistakes that you could be making?

  1. No advertising or music on hold

By not opting for advertising or music on hold, you are wasting free air time. Not only are customers less likely to hang up while they are on hold when an advertisement or music is playing, but, while callers are on hold, you have the opportunity to tell a captive audience all about the great products and services you offer. When else do you have the undivided attention of potential customers in this way? This simple feature could bring in new business for your company and upsell your services to your existing base. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Not using CTI

We all love technology that makes working through our daily to-do lists that little bit easier and CTI (computer telephony integration) is a prime example of just that. By connecting your business phone system with your CRM system, our CTI application ‘NT Connect’ improves workplace efficiency by allowing you to quickly and seamlessly save and view all call information going to and from your telephone. This means that you and your staff can return missed calls quickly, view your call history and, when a customer calls in, you’ll be presented with all their information held on your CRM so that you can begin the conversation in a personalised and appropriate way. An easy way to boost customer service levels.

  1. No call recording

Without using call recording, you could be leaving your business open to a number of mistakes and miss out on a great training tool for your staff. Not only does call recording mean that you can clarify details taken on calls, reduce mistakes from noting down information incorrectly and solve disputes painlessly, but you can also use call recording to train staff by showing them examples of both good and bad conversations. Many of our customers find call recording to be invaluable to their operations.

  1. Not utilising call management software

You could be ignoring crucial data about your business and its operations. With call management software and call recording you can manage, analyse and control your communications, as well as making sure that missed calls never materialise into missed sales opportunities. Which staff or departments are taking too long to answer the phone? How many people called your business yesterday and hung up or got a busy tone? Might they have then called your competitor? What is the cost of missing a potential order? Call management gives you a complete cradle-to-grave view of every internal and external call on your phone system.

  1. No mobile integration

When you leave your desk, what currently happens to your communications? Our WE VoIP solution is a smartphone application that turns your mobile device into an IP phone, providing full-featured desk phone functionality and calls over any Wi-Fi network. By making the most of mobile integration, you can stay connected whether you are in or out of the office.

Want to find out how our telephony solutions can help you increase your productivity and reduce your costs? Or are you just looking for some friendly, impartial advice on the best tools to make communicating a breeze? We can help! Contact us today via our live chat, call 0333 3603 423, or email

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