Call recording, why have it?

Wednesday, 10th January 2018

Have you ever wished that you could replay a conversation to remind yourself what was said? If you wanted to analyse how well your staff perform on the phone or settle a dispute, then how would your business go about it? Using our call recording software, NT Re-Call, you can automatically capture every telephone conversation in your business and instantly play them back whenever you need to.

The ability to record calls is one of the key features that we can offer with our range of business phone systems. The days of call recording being reserved for big budgeted organisations are a thing of the past. Today, it is one of the most effective ways that the team here at Enreach can help SMEs to get the best out of their staff, their office telephone systems and boost customer service levels.

So, whether your business has implemented new internal policies, is responding to new government regulations or you are simply looking to improve your efficiency levels, there are many great reasons why call recording could be the right solution for you.

Quick and easy to install and use

Not only is it simple to get your business up and running with call recording, but it’s easy to use as well. All your recordings can be saved in a format that’s suitable for email attachments and can be easily accessed via the desktop application. You can pull out any recording to listen to whenever you need to and share it with your team as appropriate. Every recording is fully compliant with UK legislation.

Resolve disputes with call recording

Call recording can help your business when it comes to liability. Need to resolve a dispute? Simply replay the relevant call recording and find out exactly what was said, when and by who. Using Audit Trail, you can have a searchable log of all your calls at your fingertips.

Confirm order details

Are you worried that you misheard order details or noted down customer information incorrectly? You can use call recording to review calls and double check any details to make sure that deliveries and quotations are completely accurate and match customer requirements.

Training, quality control and improving employee performance

By listening back to both high and low-quality calls you can coach your team and evaluate their performance. By using call recording for both training and development, your business telephony solution could help to turn your worst performing sales consultant into your best.

Improve your security and compliance

Detect security breaches and inappropriate calls to improve the security of your business. By listening back to call recordings you can identify any threats before they become bigger issues. You can also ensure that your business is complying with FSA, GDPR or PCI standards.

Boost customer service levels

Analyse your customer service levels and listen in to what your customers really want by replaying your customer service calls. Identify areas for improvements and make sure your customers are receiving the best service possible.

Selective call recording

Don’t want to record everything? With selective call recording you only track and analyse what you want to.

Want to find out how our telephony solutions can help you increase your productivity and reduce your costs? Or are you just looking for some friendly, impartial advice on the best tools to make communicating a breeze? We can help! Contact us today via our live chat, call 0333 3603 423, or email

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