5 reasons call recording is essential when working remotely

Thursday, 7th May 2020
Call recording on computer

Call recording is an essential feature of a business phone system. Not only does it allow you to monitor all the calls coming in and out of your business (perfect for training and dispute resolution), but you can listen in on the calls that your teams are making. This is really important when your company is working remotely as it gives you full control over your business’ call quality, regardless of where your teams are working from.

Monitor the calls your remote staff are making and taking

Call recording allows you to monitor every call that is made to and from the business, this ensures that even while working remotely you have complete control over your calls. The recordings will allow you to step in wherever necessary, monitor which teams are experiencing difficult calls and make changes when needed.

Call recording can improve the customer experience

The experience that your customers receive is often the deciding factor between choosing your company or going with a competitor, especially when it comes to phone manner. A phone call is still the number one method of customer contact, so having staff with a good phone manner is essential for any business. Recording your calls allows you to monitor the experience that your customers have on the phone and learn what they do and don’t like. For example, maybe your callers are being put on hold for minutes at a time while your staff find a colleague who is available or maybe your teams are working from scripts that could be improved. Call recording can also be used to track any common queries your callers have, meaning you can put steps in place to make sure these questions are answered more quickly next time.

Call recording can be used for staff training

One of the main benefits of call recording is that the recordings are saved in file formats that can be easily downloaded and attached to emails, something that’s perfect for remote training. You can show copies of good and bad recordings to new staff to train them on the level of customer service you require, while both parties are working remotely. Plus, these recordings can also help with more experienced staff members who are new to remote working. Having your staff listen back to their calls can help them to improve. For example, they may listen back to their call and realise that the customer could hear their music in the background and choose to lower the volume in future.

Call recording will reduce the number of mistakes made

Human error is something that no business can avoid. For example, when speaking to customers on the phone you might make a mistake as simple as forgetting to read a person’s address back to them. Before you know it, you’ve sent a product to the incorrect address. Or, more seriously, one of your team might forget to go through the appropriate security questions, giving an unauthorised person access to private accounts. With call recording, you can make sure that your staff are sticking to strict rules and regulations and prove you are compliant, should you need to.

Call recording will resolve disputes faster

Whether it is a small dispute about the colour of a product order, or a legal dispute, call recording acts as a backup. Put simply, the recordings will relay exactly what was said on a call, giving you solid proof. Call recordings can speed up the resolution process as senior members of staff can be brought up to date with exactly what happened, much faster.

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