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Monday, 22nd August 2022
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When making any new purchase people generally review the key features and benefits of the product. This allows the buyer to make an informed decision about which supplier or vendor they wish to go with. Price point is obviously a key factor, but equally important is the quality of the product you purchase. Selecting a dedicated cloud phone system is no different, you need to ensure that it is robust enough to cope with the demands of your business and that it has all the features that you and your colleagues require to deliver the quality your customers expect.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the shift from traditional office working to hybrid or remote working. Most businesses had to adapt to that change overnight, with small businesses particularly impacted. What that meant was that many companies found immediate solutions, and not necessarily always the best solutions. Cloud phone systems can offer a range of key features for businesses that not only mitigate the obvious location issue, but which can also increase productivity, offer flexible work-life balance for staff, and improve customer feedback.

Auto attendant

Auto attendant or virtual receptionist, as it is also commonly referred to, is one of the key cloud-based phone system features that businesses find particularly useful. It allows callers to be automatically transferred to the extension of the person or department they actually require, without the need for a receptionist or telephone operator. Thanks to a simple menu and flow system, which is fully customisable to the needs and structure of your company, callers are able to highlight their issue and rationale for calling before they need speak to a person. This can help businesses run much more efficiently by ensuring that staff only answer calls that are relevant to them

Automated menus

Having a dedicated cloud phone system ensures that all calls can be managed professionally. Key features such as automated menus help direct callers to the right source first time. This saves confusion and the resource utilisation in trying to direct a caller to the right person or place in your business. Hold music and call queuing ensure that busy periods are catered for and customers know that they are dealing with a professional business. It’s also possible to monitor the quality of calls, ensuring that those workers who are working in remote locations can stay where the quality is best if required.

Fixed mobile convergence (FMG)

Cloud phones offer a feature called fixed mobile convergence (FMC) which eliminates the need for separate mobile and landline numbers, consolidating calls and reducing confusion for customers. Importantly, it also enables seamless transfer of activity between different devices. This means for example if you need to get to an appointment, but a call isn’t finished you can easily switch it to your mobile device with no interruption.

Call control holding and forwarding

Even with key cloud-based phone system features such as auto attendant or automated menus, the customer themselves can sometimes be confused about who or what department they need to speak to. This is where other key features such as call holding can be really useful. It can also provide some much-needed breathing room while key information is brought up. Call forwarding means that it is really simple to seamlessly pass on a call that needs to go to someone else in the team, while voicemail means you never miss a message that is directly intended for you while on another call.

Video calling

Video calling has become a way of life for us all. However, the technology and features can vary from one provider to the next and it can be difficult to merge all of that with your email and instant messaging. With complete solution systems such as HD Touch and with complete integration of other remote services, it’s easier than ever to be completely flexible with how you interact with customers.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is a technology that has transitioned from every use to become a key business tool. It is fast over taking email as the number one form of internal communication. For that to work it has to work seamlessly in any location, across any device and offer flexibility in terms of sharing documents. The person you chat to now doesn’t even need to realise you have changed device or location during a discussion if you don’t want them to.

If some of the many features of cloud phone system that have been outlined sound like they’d help your remote workers or support your growing business, simply speak to the experts at Enreach today and find out more about how we can help transform your communications.

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