Cloud based phone system for small business

Wednesday, 26th January 2022
cloud based phone system

Often, small businesses view cloud phone systems as too expensive or not necessary. However, this isn’t the case, cloud phone systems can be more affordable than the traditional alternative and offer many great benefits for small businesses. They also don’t require any hardware or complicated installation, so can be up and running very quickly. In this article we take a look at some of the key benefits of cloud based phone systems for small businesses.

Scalability of the cloud

Small businesses may not be small for long, as they grow and develop their offering their needs and requirements also change. Additional users or extension numbers might be required, or more features, such as online chat, call recording or marketing on hold might be needed. Cloud based phone systems have complete flexibility and scalability, so as the business gets bigger these features can easily and quickly be integrated into the account. Ultimately, you get a solution that grows as you do.

There is no need for a small business to wait for someone to come and manually update their business phone system. A quick call to their dedicated account manager will enable them to alter the plan and integrate new features and expand their business phone system quickly and without any hassle. They will also have quick access to any updates or new features the business phone system provider offers. This will help small businesses to compete with larger more substantial businesses that may not be able to flex and adapt as quickly.

Professional image

Small businesses looking to expand can benefit from the professional image a business phone system portrays. This will attract more customers and give the perception of a larger well-established enterprise. Features such as professional voicemail, music on hold and call recording are just a few of the options that portray a professional image to potential customers. Customer service is critical to not only attracting new customers but to retaining existing customers. Customers are much more likely to stay with their existing supplier if they have a positive customer service experience and any issues are solved quickly in a professional manner. Potential customers may be put off if they perceive a business as being small or unprofessional.

Always connected

Many small business owners or employees have multiple roles, this is the nature of a small growing business. It also results in employees juggling tasks and being pulled from one job to another. In some cases, this could take employees out of the business premises on a regular basis, to visit suppliers, customers or do business deals. The key benefit of a cloud based phone system in this instance is the continued connectivity. Businesses owners can have their emails, business calls, video and chat functionality on their mobile device. This enables them to continue to provide high quality service and always be available if needed. Customers increasingly expect an always on customer service functionality, 24/7 support is something that a small business can offer using a cloud based phone system. The alternative would require them to be present near a desk phone and limit their ability to be connected on the move.

Save money and time

Cloud based phone systems can save small businesses valuable money on maintenance and hardware. They don’t require traditional on premise PBX boxes, and hardware such as desk phones are optional. Therefore, set up and maintenance costs can be minimised. Small businesses can save time and money when selecting a cloud based phone system for their organisation.

Time savings should never be overlooked, especially in small growing businesses with limited resources. A cloud based phone system saves time on maintenance and the services provided as part of the business phone system. Access to connected professional telephone systems will save a business time waiting for employees to become available for discussions. Businesses also no longer need to wait for manual updates or systems to be repaired manually. Updates and any problems can be solved quickly and remotely, significantly reducing downtime.

If your small business is interested in a cloud based phone system or wants more information on business phone systems please get in touch with one of our experts who can help to advise the best option for your company.

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