Cloud based telephone system integrations

Thursday, 24th February 2022
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A cloud phone system can help your business save money, look more professional and improve efficiency. One of the main ways that cloud based phone systems increase efficiency is through integrations. Integrations allow other programs, systems and data streams to feed directly into your phone system. This saves time by providing information directly to phone operatives when they are answering calls or trying to call back prospective customers. In this article we discuss how cloud based telephone system integration works and how they can benefit your business.

CRM integration

The main and most time-saving integration uses a business CRM system. This integration works by allowing the cloud phone system to access the CRM data. The cloud phone system looks up the incoming call number, and then displays the information about the customer calling in a popup window. This only works if they are already in the database.

Rules can also be set to alter what happens when calls are placed, or calls are received from customers or non-customers. For example, rules can be set to request the system opens up an external webpage when a call is placed, or open up a new customer form when the number is not in the database. CRM integration also removes the need to manually dial phone numbers. Colleagues can simply click to call, saving unnecessary time and avoiding potential mistakes when inputting phone numbers.

How can CRM integration help industries?

CRM integration is very useful in a huge variety of industries. We take a look at some real world examples.

Legal professionals – see case notes instantly when answering a call, this enables legal professionals to speed up phone conversations and make them more personal, offering a better overall service.

Hospitality – view rooms or regular customers preferences so you can improve the service provided and give that personal touch that encourages customers to keep returning.

Food delivery – instant access to saved customer addresses, save time inputting new addresses each time and have easy access to previous orders to improve efficiency.

Manufacturing – see previous order and order status, this enables you to provide an update to customers quickly on their order status, and easily place repeat orders.

The importance of customer service

In each of these example’s integration with a CRM system enables the company to improve the service provided to customers and the efficiency of their colleagues. Customer service is incredibly important, it costs on average 6x more to gain a new customer then it does to retain an existing customer. Having great customers service results in:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increasing a customer’s frequency of use
  • Enhances business growth by generating positive reviews
  • A higher amount of money is spent by customers with each visit

Customer service directly reflects your brand image and perception of your products or services. A customer service team is one of the only ways businesses directly and personally speak to customers. This shapes a customer’s view of your business; a negative experience is likely to encourage a customer to seek out an alternative provider. Conversely, providing a positive customer service experience gives a business a competitive advantage. Customers are often willing to pay a little extra or forgive mistakes if the customer service provided is excellent and the issues are quickly fixed.

Cloud phone systems can help enhance your businesses brand image further with professional voicemail, on hold marketing messages and call management. Never miss an opportunity again with call management, see how many calls are received outside of hours and follow up on missed calls. Providing proactive customer service can encourage customers to become loyal advocates to your business and recommend products or services to family and friends.

Enreach cloud phone system

At Enreach we offer business phone systems and cloud phone systems for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our cloud based phone systems are completely flexible and scalable, so you can grow your phone system and opt for additional features as your business needs them. A cloud phone system can save your business money and time with no expensive installation costs. Cloud phone systems are quick and easy to set up, they only require a stable internet connection to get started. Businesses can benefit from flexible working and mobile integration, great for the new home working movement.

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