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Friday, 25th February 2022
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Our director of sales, Roan Pratt has discussed what it takes to make a company best in class, and what we do at Enreach to achieve this.

Often businesses are extremely quick to suggest that they are best in class. As the Director of Sales, I ask myself:

  • What are we doing to streamline efficiency, modernise technology and services and improve customer experience?
  • How are we going to accomplish this?
  • How will this add value for our customers?

Only when we can answer these questions, in my opinion, can we claim to be the best in class.

Technology today is more advanced than ever before. We now have research and expert knowledge that enables us to develop revolutionary products and services. At Enreach, we’re developing new ideas and technologies in such a way that we challenge the status quo while keeping our business moving forward. Where we push the boundaries and experiment with new products, we are able to transform our business and the opportunities available to our customers.

At Enreach it is our commitment to customer experience that sets us apart from our competitors. Creating an exceptional customer journey from start to finish is a vital piece to a successful business. The most efficient way to do so is to focus on customer journeys and the internal processes that support them.

By integrating employee, customer, and user experiences across multiple touchpoints to accelerate true customer experience, we can increase customer and employee confidence, satisfaction, and loyalty by managing experiences from all angles.

Our cloud-native platforms also help our customers on their journey. They allow us to build resilient, elastic, and agile application architectures that enable us to respond to rapid digital change. This is not only beneficial to the end-user, but it also improves on the traditional lift-and-shift approach to cloud, which fails to capitalise on the benefits of cloud and increases maintenance complexity.

Enreach offers the range of products and services, localisation, and innovation that partners and business user’s demand. Telecommunication technologies enable employees to communicate at any time and from any location, making them ideal for flexible working and staying connected while on the go. Enreach’s collaboration solutions enable businesses to thrive by enabling them to collaborate more effectively.

By utilising effective cloud solutions, IT services, the latest mobiles and reliable business broadband, businesses can ensure that they are always collaborative. Enreach makes this possible by bringing teams together and making great things happen, no matter where your organisation is located.

We have supported over 5,000 businesses in the UK, and the group has over 2.3 million users throughout Europe – all of whom are communicating more effectively, being more productive, saving time, being more cost effective and stress free.

As a business, we are transforming the customer experience in telecommunications with the best in class for customer support, technical expertise, and specialist products.

We recognise the significance of paying attention and determining exactly what each company requires. Because communication is essential in all businesses, it is important to ensure that the service is dependable, quick, and never fails to deliver. Whatever the issue, we are there to provide not only the product but also the service to ensure that communications never suffer from a drop in quality. Working with product and engineering teams on the development of new products enables us to provide best-in-class products and services. Businesses that take this approach outperform their competitors and collaborate more effectively.

If you would know more about how we can help your business improve your customer journey, you can give us a call on 0333 3603 723 or email us at


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