Device Integration – why it’s a must-have for your business!

Thursday, 1st April 2021
Making a call on a HD Touch phone

Want to create even more success for your business, no matter where your staff are working from, or what they’re working with? If the answer is yes, then making sure all of your devices are integrated, is a must!

With all of the communication solutions your business uses, such as your phone system and business mobiles, and all of the software and programmes that are contained on them, you’re gathering and sharing huge amounts of valuable data all day, every day. If these devices are integrated, they will then be able to ‘talk’ to one another and you’ll have even more ways to share information and stay connected!

Our tech experts are taking a closer look at device integration and letting you know why you should be doing it, to experience a host of business boosting benefits!

Even better communication

Once you’ve made the decision to integrate your devices, you’ll quickly discover that they won’t be the only ones having improved interactions! Because device integration allows your communication solutions to work as one, unified system, it makes sense that your teams will be able to connect faster, easier and more effectively! Regardless of their location, role or schedule, your staff will have access to everything they need, from whatever device they’re working on, whenever they need it. Be it video calling, instant messaging, using a smart desk phone or mobile device, no matter how you choose to connect, your integrated tools will work together to make all interactions more meaningful and efficient.

Maximum productivity

Having so many individual devices, and so many ways to connect and share information, can often result in confusion, wasted time and inefficiency! With an integrated system, you’ll have the opportunity to create a more streamlined workflow and find ways to interact that guarantee increased productivity. For example, with a smart desk phone, such as our awarding winning device, NT Multimedia, you’re able to have both audio and video calls, thanks to the 8” HD quality screen. For even more accessibility, this portable ‘plug and play’ handset can be used anywhere with a stable WiFi connection! So wherever you are, you’re also able to share documents, send files, check emails and use all of your favourite apps, to guarantee you’re working effectively, in a way that suits your needs! What’s more, the majority of smart desk phones are completely compatible with cloud telephony, for a truly customisable and flexible working experience!

More opportunities for growth

Integrating all of your devices not only allows for increased productivity and improved communication, but it also gives you the opportunity to better identify opportunities for even more success for your business! For example, by integrating your CRM system with your lead generation programmes, such as email campaign software and paid search channels, you’ll have access to clear, easily accessed data. Valuable time will be saved and you can make faster, more well-informed decisions and quickly identify areas of strength and weakness – a recipe for business success! What’s more, an integrated system is so much easier to scale up than a range of different devices and tech, so your communication solutions will be able to effortlessly grow with !

Make your calls count

For any businesses, managing calls can be tricky at times. With an integrated system though, you’re sure to never again transfer a call through to someone who isn’t available! For instance, cloud phones, such as NT Cloud, feature a presence function that shows you if your colleague is free or away from their desk. They can even sync up their status with their calendar, to mirror their availability throughout the day! What’s more, if a colleague isn’t in the office, but is still available via their mobile, you have the option to quickly and seamlessly flip the call from one device to another, with no disruption, thanks to the mobile and phone system acting as one, integrated system!

What’s more, with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software, you can work to continually make sure the quality of your calls and the service you provide is top notch! For example, when you receive a call, you’ll see a small pop up window appear on your screen. This displays all of the information you currently have about that customer and gives you a head start on who is calling before you answer the phone! You’ll also have access to notes about any previous calls and emails, which creates the opportunity to provide better informed and even more effective customer service!

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If you’d to like to learn more about how Network Telecom can help you to stay connected and boost your bottom line in 2021, with our range of affordable and high quality communication solutions, please get in touch with our expert team on 0333 3603 723 or email

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