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Monday, 6th December 2021
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By now you will likely have heard about cloud telephony and what is about, but have you heard about Enreach Contact, our flexible and fully scalable cloud telephony solution, that helps your business work wonders with many features to help you find a solution that works however and wherever you need it to. In this article, we will focus on just 5 of the many futureproof features that your business needs!


Pick up and flip calls to a device with the press of a button, you will no longer have the issue where you forward your call to a phone line that’s not active, with Enreach contact, you are able to make informed decisions, you can now see the available lines before forwarding incoming calls whether this is a phone inside your office or even to a colleague working from home in the click of a button. You can now also keep that customer on hold whilst you ask your colleague whether they would like to accept this call in the same way, then as soon as your colleague answers the phone, and you are happy just hang up the phone on your side and the transfer is complete.

Call forwarding has become a regular feature of phone systems and this feature vividly improves how you manage all your calls leading to a lower wait time if an employee is engaged irrespective of if your company handles inbound calls through one phone line or has a separate call centre.


Enreach Contact allows you to access your call recordings in seconds. It is easy to access and save call recordings in a format that is suitable for email attachments, and fully compliant with UK legislation.

Call recording is a great training tool when delivering staff evaluations. You can coach your teams on how to improve call quality to improve the overall customer experience.

You will no longer find yourself struggling if you have misheard something, review your conversations and double-check the information to ensure you match customers’ expectations, as missed information means missed opportunities, and with Enreach Contact, you can avoid that happening ever again.

Quickly and easily resolve disputes by going back and listening to exactly what was said, resulting in great customer service and accountability within the team.

If you think your team could be in need of call recording software, you can read more about the benefits of call recording to learn more.


Auto-attendant, also known as a virtual receptionist, refers to a voice menu system that allows incoming callers to be switched to an extension without going through a telephone operator, for example, your receptionist. This is now becoming a prominent feature of many businesses as it allows for more flexibility for the receptionist and also means callers will move through the system quicker so that they can end up with the exact person they need to speak to removing the process of being put on hold.

This is a very valuable feature as when a customer calls you, they should not have to jump through hoops to speak to the direct person they intended to get in contact with, meaning that the customer experience, in this case, comes first.

This feature also helps because you can customise greetings for holidays, promotions and out of hours. For instance, have you set up your Christmas holiday diverts this year? Enreach Contact has made this feature so easy and timesaving, with this feature you can set up your opening hours upon return of staff, or even set up a divert to a member of staff who will be accepting calls throughout this period.


With this cloud-based tool, your staff can work from anywhere without any disruption to regular meetings, this can also curve travel costs for business meetings that are not on the doorstep meaning you can conduct business with partners all over the globe. This technology is also useful for companies supporting hybrid working methods in their office, business negotiations, and conducting job interviews.


Voicemail to email is a great feature of our cloud business phone system, that can boost your businesses efficiency and productivity. This saves your voicemail messages as an audio file and then forwards them to your email. You will never miss or lose a voicemail ever again, even if you are away from your phone, your voicemail will be sat waiting on your laptop or phone ready for when you are available to listen. Remember a missed call is a missed opportunity and potentially a missed sale. You can read more about utilising your voicemail.

When you choose Enreach Contact, you are choosing a flexible and simple to use cloud-based phone system, that will have everything you need to work wonders. You can read more about our cloud phone system.

If you are interested in making your cloud phone system the best it can be, our team are on hand to help you in a flash, simply give us a call on 0333 3603 723 or email us at enquires.uk@enreach.com.

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