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Thursday, 14th July 2022
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With sustainability front and centre, —Direct IP Calling by Enreach. We see a lot of potential in this new add-on to our business telephony solutions for the hospitality and education sector and we hope it will push us and our customers in a greener direction.

What is Direct IP Calling by Enreach?

Direct IP Calling is a hardware-to-hardware communications solution. In other words, it runs on an IP-to-IP connection that allows you to place calls directly between two devices without any additional software or servers in the middle. This provides benefits as there are cost-saving benefits for sectors that require a lot of phones within their establishment as you can simply pay a one-time fee, for all of your hardware in addition to your phone solution, which saves money on installation and maintenance costs. Essentially this adds an internal communications network, where you can speak to all other phones within your IP address, and then an internal and external network for public-facing departments.

What are the benefits of Direct IP Calling by Enreach?

Our new offering is perfect for the education and hospitality sector that have a lot of internal communication. For examples, you might have a hotel that would use Enreach Contact and have internal and external communications within offices, management, and reception, but each individual hotel room only needs to have contact with reception. You could then pay a one-time fee for each individual handset and plug and play.

We know that our clients want to be as eco-friendly as possible whilst maintaining an exceptional customer experience. That’s why we’ve made sure that Direct IP Calling by Enreach is sustainable with no compromise on the quality of service at any level. It’s easy too; simply choose one of our tailor-made packages based upon how many users will be using it (from single user up to hundreds), then choose which services best suit their requirements. With additional support from your dedicated Account Manager and the Enreach team, you will be provided full support throughout.

Why is it beneficial from a sustainability perspective?

This sustainable offering allows us to use recycled handsets to provide you with extra phones for your additional offices and meeting spaces. It is a new way of reducing the carbon footprint of our business while also reducing the amount of e-waste generated by our business.

The impact of sustainability in the telecoms industry

Sustainability is a growing concern in the telecoms industry, due to the potential impact that data centres have on the environment. While many companies focus on using renewable energy sources for their data centres, there are other ways to reduce their carbon footprint—and it’s clear that we need to do more.

Why your business needs Direct IP Calling by Enreach?

Above we have spoken a little bit about the benefits of Direct Ip Calling by Enreach, but what are the real benefits for your sector? Why would you choose this as an add-on to your business phone solution? Well, a big factor is the cost savings. It is common that the slightly bigger establishments that we see in the hospitality and education sectors are often left with outdated technology for a while, and why is that? Most of the time… cost! Installing brand new, modern technology and a fancy new system is simply too expensive a lot of the time, and this really is something when had in mind when providing this solution to our customers.  So, what exactly is the cost combatting solution?

You are the owner of a large hotel with 500+ rooms to look after and maybe multiple branches across the UK… At the minute you are looking for a brand now modern phone system as, the one you currently have is old and simply does not provide many of the same benefits as a cloud telephony solution. So you enquire and get a quote, and a telecoms provider asks you “how many handsets do you need?”, well you need a handset in reception, management and possibly office, and well a handset in each bedroom, so that may be 500+ handsets. Then you receive your quote… and the cost simply wont do. The installation fee of 100’s of phones having to rewire your entire hotel, the maintenance fees associated with additional monthly costs.

You simply can’t upgrade, can you? Wrong! With Direct IP Calling by Enreach you can. With a cloud telephony solution provided for your reception, management, and any offices, and then the addition of a one-time fee for each handset. That’s all. The handsets are IP-to-IP, so all you simply have to do is plug and play. And it’s done, a much lower monthly fee, and you get your hands on modern phones, with touchscreens that look really cool to impress your guests.

This is only one example, but the benefits are clear. This is more than cost saving, this is future-proofed technology for industries that have been left in the dark with outdated technology for years, because they simply can’t afford to move forward. Scalability like never before.

Here are the benefits in short:

  • Tailor made for your industry and teams’ needs
  • Maintain a game-changing customer experience and keep your guests connected
  • Make cost efficiencies thanks to recycled handsets and on-site calling
  • Touchscreen handsets with built-in video calling
  • The perfect addition to your phone system

Our new offering combines environmental and social considerations into one solution, and it is a step forward in the right direction.

Direct IP Calling is a great way to reduce our environmental impact. The technology can be used in both the home and at work. If you would like to learn more about our IP-to-IP add on solution our cloud telephony solutions, you can contact us on 0333 3603 723 or email us at enquiries.uk@enreach.com.

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