Evolving work-life balance in 2021 and beyond

Thursday, 11th November 2021
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Our Director of People and Culture, Steve Webb, has discussed the ways in which we’re helping SMEs to manage the transition to flexible working.

Work-life balance should not be considered an employee benefit, but rather a core and fundamental component of company work culture. If your company is experiencing low performance and high turnover, there is a good chance that something is wrong. Your employees may be unable to maintain a positive work-life balance, which could have an impact on various aspects of the business.

Businesses must be able to communicate with their employees. It relieves the stress of having to rack your brains for ideas on how to keep your employees motivated when you could simply talk to them and ask them what they require to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

This allows your employees to express and be heard, fostering a culture of trust and transparency between you and your employees. It also removes the guesswork, allowing you to confidently provide your team with the actual work-life balance assistance required.

It has been a pleasure to see how the business has adapted and actively taken measures to ensure our employees have a positive work-life balance since joining Enreach. The Enreach culture is built on openness. We value listening, asking why, working across teams, being transparent, and always being present with one another. Not only does this mean that we are all connected, but it also means that we can collaborate more effectively and provide better service to our customers. We aim to create lasting moments that make people smile by bringing personal excitement to every contact we make and every partnership we nurture.

Our primary goal as a leading UK telecommunications company is to connect people at any time and from any location. We embrace and support SMEs in making the transition to hybrid working and understand how this can have an impact on work-life balance.

As we know, flexible working arrangements can boost employee morale and motivation by improving job satisfaction and work-life balance. We provide the technology needed to make this possible. From cloud communications to IT services, we provide SMEs with technology that enables their employees to adopt flexible working. In turn, this helps reduce fatigue and stress, resulting in better focus and higher performance. Employee happiness can lead to increased retention, productivity, and work quality.

We recognise that making the transition to flexible working may feel strange but with excellent communication, it takes the stress away. Our service is dependable and quick allowing businesses to always stay in touch and up to date.

By utilising our products and engineers, you eliminate the operation’s middleman. As a result, SMEs using traditional, hybrid, or remote models never have to worry about disappointing their customers. Having a dependable support network means they will trust the hybrid working system.

We have created a service to alleviate the stress of dealing with IT, phone providers, and cloud software providers. We have the resources to provide technical support, field engineers, products, and tailored services to customers wherever they are without sacrificing quality.

It means you are not tied down to a desk to work, you can pick things up on the go if you have family commitments, or work from multiple locations with no issue in access. You can still do your job regardless of location, therefore, improving your work-life balance.

We are passionate about ensuring every SME business is given the technology they need to progress in their industry. We are advocates for a positive work-life balance and believe that it is extremely important, especially when we have the technology at our fingertips to turn this into reality.

Whether you’d like some free, impartial advice on how our team can help you to work wonders, or you’d like a brand-new quote, our team are on hand to help in a flash. Give us a call on 0333 3603 723 or email us at enquiries.uk@enreach.com.

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