Future-proof features of HD Touch

Friday, 17th January 2020

As the ISDN switch off in 2025 edges closer, with traditional phone lines no longer being made available for customers looking to purchase a new business phone system, now is definitely the time to start thinking about moving over to a future-proof phone system that’s designed for today, as well as tomorrow.

ISDN, introduced in the 1980s, advanced traditional telephony and allowed both voice and data services to be delivered simultaneously. However, even with this development, ISDN phone systems are essentially still the same as they were when they were originally created in the 1800s.

With this in mind, our tech experts have taken a closer look at some of the future-proof features of our award-winning desk phone, HD Touch, to demonstrate the durability, flexibility and scalability of this next generation phone system.

All of the normal phone system features that you’re used to, like call reporting, call management, music on hold and computer integration, are all still available, but with HD Touch you can also enjoy loads of great extras.

Video Conferencing

With more and more businesses experiencing a rise in the number of employees working remotely, finding ways for members of staff to communicate quickly and efficiently, regardless of location, is hugely important. With a 7” HD touch screen and advanced mega pixel camera built in, HD Touch allows users to video call with internal and external contacts and host conference calls with up to 200 participants. With the increase in remote and flexible working, a video conference phone is the perfect communication tool for businesses who want to maintain and even improve upon the ways they interact both internally and externally.

Business critical conversations can take place from anywhere, anytime, without the need to spend time and money on potential travel and accommodation costs. Plus, with a device like HD Touch that has in-built video calling capabilities, the need for additional, expensive video conferencing equipment is no longer an issue.


With a traditional business phone system, internal and external calls are the main priority, with additional features such as call reporting and call management also proving important – but with HD Touch, things are different. With the ability to do whatever your smart phone and tablet can do, individual users can customise their device in such a way that will help them to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

With a range of customisable features available, including desktop wallpapers of your choice, individual logins for your featured apps and the ability to customise ring tones for a range of contact groups, HD Touch is designed to cater to you and your needs, so that you can work your way. Plus, the device is completely opensource, so whatever apps you need to download onto the phone to create a more productive, organised and tailored work space for yourself, you’re able to do so with ease.

Flexibility and mobility

For remote and flexible workers, having access to all of their office equipment at home or on the go is normally not achievable – until now. With HD Touch’s plug and play functionality, you’re able to literally take your office phone system with you and pick up where you’ve left off. With the ability to perform tasks such as checking and managing emails, downloading files and images and accessing and compiling documents, regardless of whether you’re at your desk or on your sofa, the continuity of your work will never suffer.

Plus, with a smart office phone like HD Touch, everything you need to complete your work is all readily available on one device, eliminating the need for extra equipment like laptops, desktops and tablets, creating a simpler and more streamlined approach to working. Making potentially costly calls from your business mobile to the office are also a thing of the past, with free internal calling from your HD Touch device, wherever you are.

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