Futureproof communication solutions – what do small businesses need?

Friday, 5th February 2021

With so much change happening in the way in which we work, making sure we have everything we need to guarantee smooth transitions and opportunities for growth, can sometimes be a challenge! For smaller businesses, who often have a smaller budget and less resources than their larger counterparts, this process can be even more daunting.

To help small businesses navigate this potential technology minefield, our tech experts are discussing the key futureproof communication solutions for SMEs, that are affordable, reliable and packed full of bottom-line boosting benefits!

Head to the cloud

With smaller business, such as start-ups and independent online stores, having a business phone system that affords them flexibility and even more ways to connect, can give them the freedom to work exactly how they need to. With no need for additional hardware or cabling, cloud phone systems enable you to make and take calls via the internet, so you can access them via any device!

Extremely easy to use, cloud phone systems, such as our cloud telephony platform, Enreach Contact, come equipped with all of the traditional phone features you’re used to, plus a whole host of new ones, to maximise your connectivity and make sure you can access everything you need. Let your colleagues know if you’re free and able to take calls with the presence function. Or, integrate with the company CRM system to access important documents, from wherever you’re working! The possibilities are endless!

What’s more, cloud phone systems are fully scalable so they’re able to mirror the changes your business goes through and grow with you. You can quickly and easily add and remove services, as and when you need them, so you won’t be paying for anything that you don’t need!

From a cost-effective standpoint, cloud phones are extremely affordable to purchase and maintain. Most traditional phone systems charge you for every minute you spend on a call, either locally or internationally. With cloud phone systems though, that’s not the case! The call charges are fixed, so you’ll know exactly what you’re spending each month, and won’t be faced with any nasty surprises in your monthly bills! Plus, with cloud telephony, you’ll also enjoy reduced line costs, and free site-to-site calls!

Take advantage of video calling

Affordable, easy to use and a great way to keep your teams connected and talking face-to-face, when working apart, it’s no surprise that video conferencing platforms have risen in popularity and become an essential communication tool for so many SMEs!

Offering greater engagement, better collaboration and minimising any feelings of isolation when remote working, video calls bring a more personable and ‘real’ touch to interactions, that emails and phone calls never will.

When choosing a video platform for your business, make sure you pick one with features designed to meet your individual needs. For instance, our video conferencing platform, Enreach meetings, is packed full of dynamic features, including the ability to share screens and documents, record meetings, take notes, instant message, and invite up to 25 people into each video call!

Pick up the speed with your broadband

 With fast, reliable business broadband, SMEs have the opportunity to provide faster and more effective customer service, increase staff productivity and take full advantage of online resources that can support businesses.

For example, high quality broadband will fully support a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which will allow employees to access the business network, no matter where they’re working from! Your continuity will never suffer, and performance won’t be compromised!

Plus, with a robust, high-speed broadband, smaller businesses will receive the best possible service from cloud phone systems, for the very best connectivity!

Transform your business and create even more success in 2021, with three months FREE on new phone systems.

If you’d to like to learn more about how Network Telecom can help you to stay connected and boost your bottom line in 2021, with our range of affordable and high quality communication solutions, please get in touch with our expert team on 0333 3603 723 or email enquiries.uk@enreach.com.





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