Gender diversity in telco – what is being done, and what more can we do?

Tuesday, 8th March 2022
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Our Director of Marketing, Amelia Ebdon has been discussing the gender diversity in the telecoms industry and what else can be done to improve this in the future.

International Women’s Day is always a great opportunity to bring issues into the spotlight that need greater awareness and discussion. For the telecommunications and mobile technology industries, improving diversity and gender inclusion has been a key aim of many leading businesses for the past decade or more.

The gender gap in STEM businesses has been well documented, but this disparity tends to generally increase in telco related industries. In a 2021 survey of the leading global telco brands, only one had more than 40% women on the board of directors, and four had no women at all. Across the UK, on average less than 20% of those working in telecom roles that involve technical expertise are women. Enreach wants to change this.

At Enreach, we recognise how diversity makes us a stronger, better company. One third of our board of directors in the UK are women, and 40% of our senior managers are too. We employ 47% women in our wider workforce, many of them working within the technical support and account manager roles, both of which require in-depth technical knowledge and understanding. We are realistic that complete equality in the wider industry will take time, but we aim to lead the way in redressing the balance.

To encourage and support more women into telco and STEM careers, Enreach offers apprenticeships, leadership training, upskilling opportunities, and job shadowing. Anyone has the chance to learn and grow their skills with Enreach. By making sure our training and apprenticeships are inclusive, we are actively encouraging the next generation of women in telco.

In previous years, we’ve partnered with schools in the Shropshire area to be part of the STEM Challenge, where we discuss with young people how to get into STEM careers and telco careers, with a focus on encouraging young women and girls. The gender gap in STEM careers often starts early on, as girls and women can be discouraged due to a of lack representation in the industries. Enreach recognises that we need to lead by example and inspire the next generation with a company that is gender diverse and has women in clear and prominent positions.

One of our key values is openness. We recognise that anyone, from any background, has the potential to make a difference at Enreach. We’re all about meaningful human contact, and part of that means creating a work environment where people of all backgrounds and genders can work and achieve their best.

By setting an example for the industry of employing women in all roles, including senior leadership, at Enreach we hope that more telco businesses will follow suit, and start to move away from images of telco being male-dominated and closed to women and girls. STEM careers are open to everyone – it’s up to businesses to take action and make it happen for the future.

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