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Monday, 1st November 2021
Telephone Comms Systems For 2022

After the last couple of years, no one would deny that the future is hard to predict! Uncertainty has certainly been the running theme for business, and what the “new normal’ will look like is anyone’s guess.

However, there’s many positive indications that 2022 will bring strong economic growth, and businesses need to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that it will bring.

Even in uncertain times there are several vital aspects of your business you can control – your comms is one of them. Smooth, uninterrupted internal communications between your teams and externally with your customers, are the lifeblood of business. With hybrid working here to stay and the ever-changing nature of how we do business, you need systems in place that can adapt and flex with your business as it changes and grows.

Planning removes any uncertainty. Putting the systems in place that can fit your needs no matter your shape or size, ensures there’s no bumps in the road whatever direction your business takes. The end of the year is always a great time to take stock of all aspects of your business, and it’s certainly safe to say that your comms should be an essential item on the list. Once you have a plan in place that fits you perfectly, you can look forward with confidence to growing your business in 2022.

Cloud systems. The key to scalable and adaptable comms.

Whether you’re based across multiple sites, employ remote workers, or any combination of work practices, cloud phone systems are fully scalable. They’re able to mirror the changes your business goes through and grow with you. You can quickly and easily add and remove services as and when you need them, so you won’t be paying for anything that you don’t need.

With no need for additional hardware or cabling, cloud phone systems enable you to make and take calls via the internet, so you can access them via any device.

Extremely easy to use, cloud phone systems such as our cloud telephony platform, Enreach Contact, come equipped with all the traditional phone features you’re used to, plus a whole host of new ones. They help you to maximise your connectivity and make sure you can access everything you need. One simple feature is the ability let your colleagues know if you’re free and able to take calls with the presence function. This saves lots of frustration from both your teams and customers trying to contact you. Or you can integrate with your CRM system to access important documents, from wherever you’re working. The possibilities are endless.

From a cost-efficiency standpoint, cloud phone systems are extremely affordable to purchase and maintain. Most traditional phone systems charge you for every minute you spend on a call, either locally or internationally. With cloud phone systems though, that’s not the case. The call charges are fixed, so you’ll know exactly what you’re spending each month, and won’t be faced with any nasty surprises in your monthly bills. Plus, with cloud telephony, you’ll also enjoy reduced line costs, and free site-to-site calls.

Communications Solutions from Enreach. Flexible and future proofed.

Our wide range of solutions are designed to work for you now and into the future however your business changes. We’re here to help you grow and achieve your goals, and ensure your comms are the perfect fit for you to meet the demands of an ever-changing business environment.

Cloud Telephony from Enreach

Enreach Contact is our flexible, scalable cloud telephony solution. Whether you’re a start-up planning to expand or have dozens of sites across the country, Enreach Contact helps you grow and grows with you.

All the features you need are included to make sure everyone stays connected wherever they are. Built-in softphone functionality allows you to make and take calls from any location or device. Log in from your browser or mobile app and you’re all set.

To take full advantage of all the benefits and flexibility of Enreach Contact, our game-changing HD Touch is ideal. You can use it to work from anywhere – all you need is a WIFI connection. Combining a HD touchscreen and features normally found on your smartphone, however and wherever your teams work, it totally changes the way you can communicate.

Business Mobiles

However your business changes in the future, seamless communication for all your teams wherever they are, is a must.

Keeping your teams fully productive working in many ways is a major challenge. Our business mobiles provide the answer with the ability to integrate with Enreach Contact. Wherever you’re working, it’s ideal to access all the features of our cloud solution to keep in touch and productive anytime, anywhere.

We also know that cost is crucial for you, so we’ve got that covered. We’re not restricted by any one network, so we’ve got the freedom to put together a great deal for you – typically 25% less than your current package.

Business Broadband

Needless to say, your broadband is at the heart of all your comms. You need a connection that works for you now and when you grow.

With many businesses shifting towards a hybrid workforce, providing the essential connectivity needed both in the office and at home is a key priority. We have a choice of broadband solutions, but both Fibre and SoGEA stand out as perfect choices to both futureproof your business and provide you with the flexibility and speed you need.

Fibre is 5x faster than standard ADSL and the ideal robust platform to take advantage of cloud, VoIP and hosted services without spending any extra on connectivity. SoGEA is the simple, cost-effective solution to a problem that faces millions of UK businesses. In December 2025, BT are expected to turn off the existing telephone network. Switching to SoGEA also brings a huge number of benefits. It delivers the same quality of service, increased reliability, and futureproof broadband for a lower monthly cost. So, moving to SoGEA right now is great for your business.

Fast, effective comms support that goes way beyond expectation

Finally, when you’re looking ahead, you need to know somebody will be by your side to help you with expert advice and be with you all the way to support you on your journey. We do whatever it takes to make sure every Enreach customer without exception receives outstanding business telecoms support. We know that if something goes wrong with your phone system or internet service, to stop the stress levels rising you need it sorted as soon as possible and that’s exactly what our outstanding reputation has been built on.

Maintaining the performance of your business phone lines and internet services is crucial to us. We offer additional BT Level Care packages to ensure that should any issue arise, we’ll be working on it in no time. Our SLA fix time is as little as 6 hours depending on your level of care. We’re flexible with appointment times to suit you, and If BT can’t fix the fault in the agreed time, you don’t pay for the expedite charge.

Get in touch to have a chat about your future planning

No matter what size your business is, now’s the time to get your comms in shape for the future. Just get in touch today for impartial, expert advice and we can put together a plan that fits you perfectly and will help you grow in 2022. Contact us today via our live chat, call 0800 097 6543, or email

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