How we are helping customers achieve great results within their SME businesses

Friday, 5th November 2021
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Our Director of Sales, Roan Pratt, has discussed the way in which we’re helping customers to achieve great results within their SME businesses.

The future of work is hybrid working. For many businesses it is the new practical and efficient way of getting the job done. It is all about adapting to the new work life balance whilst maintaining productivity and still achieving great outcomes within your SME business. However, for many people they are uncertain about their working patterns, what the return to the office looks like, what hybrid working looks like, and even what the sales process looks like.

Customer experience is at the forefront of our brand, and yet it is something that many providers in the industry still get wrong. We create bespoke telecommunication and cloud service models to a variety of SME businesses across the UK. We allow you to successfully run your business the way you want to. With access to a wide range of products that are completely tailored to the SME market, communication technology is the way forward to cater to different working environments and industries.

What seems like a complex and daunting move is made easy with great customer experience in mind. We have a unique service which demonstrates excellent technical support designed to help customers achieve great results within their SME businesses.

SMEs must be able to contact and engage with their consumers at any time and from any location. This is especially important when building strong and enduring relationships with their consumers. It’s critical for businesses to have time to focus on what they do best – without being distracted. IT professionals and customer service representatives should not have to worry about making communications technology work.

By using our own products and engineers you cut out the middle-man of the operation. As a result, SME businesses operating standard, hybrid or remote models never have to worry about disappoint their customers. They should only be able to put their confidence in a hybrid system with a reliable support network.

It is for this reason we have developed a service to take away the stress of having to deal with IT, phone providers and cloud software providers. We have the resources to deliver technical support, field engineers, products and tailored services wherever a customer is without any decline in quality.

With innovative products and modern solutions, we provide a complete ‘one stop shop’ that lets businesses do what they do best with the our support. However, we recognise that the solution is not a one size fits all and therefore it is unique to every business. In order to achieve this, we explore what has been successful, what needs improving and how we can provide a detailed plan to resolve any issues and improve performance. With enhanced customer experience and the ability to adapt to customer specific needs, Enreach is actively helping customers achieve great results within their SME businesses.

Since starting at Enreach in early 2021 it has been a pleasure to see how the business has thrived. It has been exciting to see new individuals join the team, in particular Keeley Jones. Keeley is our new Head of Customer Experience as part of the ‘next generation’ in customer service. Keeley brings two decades of experience in telecoms and customer communications to Enreach, where she will work across all departments to provide high-quality customer support that emphasises resolution, innovation and attention to detail. We are passionate to ensure each customer has a personal customer experience that addresses their needs. From complaints to total transparency around resolution, we ensure that customers’ needs are at the heart of every solution.

Whether you’d like some free, impartial advice on how our team can help your SME to work wonders, or you’d like a brand new quote, our team are on hand to help in a flash. Give us a call on 0333 3603 723 or email us at

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