How cloud and VoIP phone systems can help with effective time management

Friday, 22nd January 2021

There’s no doubt that communication solutions play an incredibly important role within the day to day running of businesses of all sizes. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to connect with customers and colleagues, achieve targets, create growth, or maintain business continuity!

With the rise in flexible and remote working, it’s now more vital than ever before to make sure your business is equipped with high quality and reliable communication tools, to guarantee your staff stay connected, and your operations run smoothly. However, with the right technology, your workforce could also benefit from better time management, and as a result, greater productivity. For that purpose, our tech experts have taken a closer look at cloud and VoIP telephony, both of which allow you to make calls via the internet, and how they can help your teams to work smarter and faster!

Simplicity is key

With traditional Business Phone Systems requiring a certain level of tech knowledge to manage, not to mention also being costly to install and maintain, alternatives such as VoIP and Cloud telephony solutions can provide your business with a futureproof phone system that’s designed with ease in mind!

‘Housed’ on the internet, cloud and VoIP phone systems require minimal to no hardware, which means no lengthy and complicated installation process! What’s more, these next generation telephony solutions create a completely unified communications infrastructure within your business, thanks to the ability to work from any device, be it your desk phone, business mobile, tablet, or laptop. With full functionality, you can access everything you need, no matter where you’re working from! With the built-in softphone feature, you don’t even need an actual handset to make and receive calls. All you need to do is log in via your browser, and you’re ready to go! For the ultimate in flexible and fuss-free communication, the majority of cloud phone systems, such as our PRO platform, NT Cloud, will allow you to flip your live calls from one device to another, without any disruption to your conversations – a particularly useful feature for those always on the go! Should you need, or prefer to have a handset, but still want to enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of VoIP and cloud phones, you’ll be pleased to learn that the majority of systems are compatible with plug and play devices, such as our very own industry leading smart video phone, NT Multimedia. All you need is a reliable WiFi connection, and you’re able to access everything you need, from anywhere you like!

You have the control

As we mentioned above, traditional phone systems can be tricky to manage and have very little, to no mobility. However, with VoIP and Cloud phones, you’re in complete control of your system and can access it, with full functionality, from any location! With the online, admin portal, you can make amendments whenever you need to, such as adding or removing users, updating your advertising on hold, or disabling inactive lines. You’ll also be able to quickly and easily manage your call flow, with the presence function, which lets your colleagues know when you’re available and able to take calls.

Built for flexibility and ease of use, VoIP and cloud phone systems provide a singular piece of technology that everyone can access, from a variety of locations, for even better communication and the ability to create a more streamlined and consistent workflow. Therefore, all processes that may once have been time consuming or complicated, are now simplified and speedy, so you’re able to get the most out of each work day!

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