How could Augmented Reality impact the telecoms industry?

Monday, 14th October 2019

As technology in business moves forward, with new advancements being introduced throughout the corporate landscape at a rapid pace, it’s a certainty that the tech-reliant world of telecommunications will continue to benefit from future developments.

Augmented reality, a technology that allows you to superimpose a computer-generated image onto a person’s view of the real world, is an area that is sure to impact the telecoms industry. Our tech experts have taken a closer look at this revolutionary technology to predict how it could be implemented in the future to create new and exciting opportunities for improving processes and further elevating the customer experience.

 Saving time and satisfying customers:

All businesses will experience times where the level of customer demand is extremely high and therefore proves to be a challenge, in regard to meeting individual client needs. For example, within the telecoms industry arranging off-site appointments for hardware inspections and repairs can often be a time consuming and complicated process. By incorporating an Augmented Reality (AR) solution, travelling to a difficult location or managing to schedule in a number of locations on the same day would no longer be a challenge. Instead of bringing the engineer to site, the technology could bring the site to the engineer via the use of an AR headset that allows the engineer and the customer to interact as if they were in the same room. The engineer could then view the equipment remotely to perform the appropriate consultation and assess if further action is needed. With an AR headset, engineers could also have the opportunity to increase the regularity of their inspections to ensure equipment is running smoothly and minimise the possibility of any future issues. Therefore, travel costs would be decreased, with engineers able to perform a range of actions exclusively via AR, thus creating a more streamlined, efficient and productive customer service experience.

Now let’s take a look at a number of possible AR features that could elevate and enhance the customer service experience and allow for richer, more meaningful interactions, regardless of location:

Remote video sessions

AR solutions will be able to provide users with the ability to host high quality video conference sessions that will allow engineers to view hardware and interact with customers in real time. This feature will provide opportunities for remote consultations and training sessions whereby the engineer and/or training facilitator can watch over procedures performed by customers and offer advice and guidance on any areas they are unsure of, as well as provide a physical demonstration should they need it.

Remote video streaming

In addition to the video sessions, AR will also allow for video streaming capabilities that allow the engineer to perform an extremely thorough inspection of equipment to identify any issues, no matter how detailed. The video will be delivered directly to the individual’s device, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone and saved for future reviewing if necessary. This means the engineer can be ‘virtually present’ to carry out the work without concern that the quality of service may be   compromised by location restraints.

Order placement and inventory access

With the ability to directly access a business’ content management system (CMS), AR solutions could potentially allow the engineer to view current inventory and place orders for spare parts during the appointment, thus reducing the fix time and ensuring no essential components are forgotten due to long journeys back to site. Any orders can also be logged in the relevant records for future reference, further streamlining the customer service experience.

Hands-free access

An AR headset will allow the engineer to inspect equipment whilst also simultaneously accessing any information they need. The engineer will be able to access manuals, specifications and previous records, should they need them. The hands free feature will also be a perfect solution for instances where the customer is performing a task but requires real time guidance from the engineer and/or training facilitator.

Augmented Reality solutions will most definitely elevate customer service to a new and unchartered level of excellence by providing real time access to hardware, more productive interactions with clients and the opportunity to save your business time and money.

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