How many comms solutions is too many? What do we actually need?

Thursday, 1st April 2021
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There’s no doubt that we need reliable, high quality communication solutions to make sure our businesses run smoothly and enable staff to stay connected, no matter where they’re working from.

However, with so much tech available on the market, it can be extremely overwhelming when deciding what you need to best suit your specific needs. With this in mind, our tech experts are here to let you know exactly what you need and why you need it.

From business phone systems and mobile phones, to high grade broadband and the very best video conference software, our list of essential communication tools will make staying in touch easier than ever before!

A futureproof phone system

With all traditional phone lines being switched off in 2025 (you may have heard of this being referred to as ‘the end of ISDN’), it’s really important to start thinking seriously about upgrading to a new phone system for your business, that will meet not only your current needs, but your future requirements too. What’s more, with the rise of flexible and remote working, you also need to make sure your phone system is capable of keeping your workforce connected and able to access everything they need, from wherever they’re working!

For endless flexibility, reliability and ease of use, cloud phone systems are an excellent option for businesses of sizes and all budgets! Allowing you to make and take calls vis the internet, cloud telephony requires little to no hardware, so they’re incredibly easy to install. With a reliable Wi-Fi connection, your teams can work from the sofa, the office, or on the go, with access to all of the features you need!

Plus, cloud phone systems, like our cloud telephony platform, NT Cloud, will work from any device of your choosing, for even more ways to work from any location! With all of the traditional phone features included, such as call recording, voicemail, and marketing on hold, plus a whole host of futureproof features, such as the ability to integrate your network with your CRM systems, flip live calls from one device to another, and use the in-built soft phone feature, via your browser!

A dynamic video conference platform

Video calls are now an essential part of our working lives, and something we certainly can’t be without! With the ability to keep us together when apart, video conferencing software provides us with the opportunity to have meaningful interactions with one another, that lead to increased productivity and a greater sense of collaboration.

However, when deciding which video conferencing software to choose for your business, opting for one that has a range of interactive features, will help you to make the most of each video call! For example, platforms like Enreach meetings, include features such as screen and document sharing, note taking, the ability to record every meeting and instant messaging, to guarantee that your video calls are as dynamic, informative and collaborative as possible.

Mobile phones that integrate with desk phones

For those staff on the go, a business mobile that seamlessly integrates with their phone system, will make sure they’re always connected and able to take their calls!

With a mobile integration app, which allows you to twin your mobile with your phone system, you’ll have access to all of your desk phone features. All you need is a reliable Wi-Fi network! However, if you move into an area where there’s no Wi-Fi, your phone will instantly flip to a mobile call and move onto your network, with no disruption to your conversation.

Super-fast broadband

The speed and quality of your broadband can make a real difference to the continuity of your business. With opportunities to provide even better customer service, maximise productivity and have even more access to a range of online resources, making sure you have the very best broadband to meet you needs, is a must!

Strong, robust broadband is also key to making sure your flexible and remote workers are able to work efficiently and effectively. Business grade broadband will have no trouble in supporting your VPN (Virtual Private Network), so your staff can easily access the business network, from anywhere!

Transform your business and create even more success in 2021! Sign up for a new cloud phone system today and you could win £500 vouchers of your choice!

If you’d to like to learn more about how Network Telecom can help you to stay connected and boost your bottom line in 2021, with our range of affordable and high quality communication solutions, please get in touch with our expert team on 0333 3603 723 or email

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