How our team has been working remotely

Thursday, 14th May 2020

With the ongoing events that have impacted us all, the entire Enreach team has done us proud and has been successfully working from home for almost 2 months now. Following an initial test day, all our 116 staff seamlessly transitioned into a full-time remote workforce for the first time in our 20+ years history. Like most businesses it has been an interesting and challenging experience, but luckily we have been able to practice what we preach and use our cloud communications technology to work from home as if we were still in the office. We wanted to share our experiences and to help other companies who may need help working remotely.

Internal changes:

One of the first hurdles that we faced was ensuring that every staff member had the technology and equipment they needed at home to work efficiently. Thanks to our HD Touch devices, it’s easy to plug them in at home, connect to WiFi and use them as if we were in the office. This has made the switch to remote working incredibly easy as we are able to contact each other as we usually would, transferring calls the same as before and being able to check the presence of our colleagues in order to see when they are available to take calls or having a well-deserved tea break!

We’ve kept in touch with each other through regular video conferencing thanks to Enreach meetings. Our Pro video calling software has allowed us to share documents with one another, brief projects to team members and enjoy those all important catch ups!

Our teams have quickly adapted to a remote way of working. Our engineers are now doing remote installs and our trainers have moved from their training suites to their living rooms, offering our staff and customers training on everything, from how to make the most out of the features in Enreach meetings to how to effectively use HD Touch.

Our IT systems mean that, by connecting to our VPN, we are able to access our files and data the same way as we would in the office. We already made the most of Office 365 so we are able to access our emails, intranet and documents the same way as before.

We are a close team so it did take a few weeks to adjust to not seeing each other every day, but now we are used to seeing our colleagues’ dogs in the background of video calls, saying hi to their children or hearing the birds sing when they’re working outside in their gardens. For the most part, it has been business as usual. From our engineers and customer service operatives, to account managers and finance teams, thanks to our industry-leading technology we have been able to work as close to normal as possible, meaning uninterrupted service for our customers.

Remote working

Changes for existing customers:

While getting our staff set up was a priority, our focus has equally been on our existing customers and ensuring that they are able to work remotely as well. Our customer service team and dedicated account managers have been on hand from home to keep in regular contact with our customers. There was very little change for our customers using NT Cloud, we simply provided training and guidance on how to move their existing technology to a new environment. Their phones could just be packed up, taken home and plugged in to work exactly the same as in the office. For those not already on the cloud, we have put a number of solutions in place, including diverting calls and providing businesses with new technology that enabled their teams to work remotely. We have had some fantastic feedback from our customers during this time and are really proud of how well we have adapted.

Remote working

Changes for new customers:

Telecoms and IT solutions have been at the forefront of many businesses’ minds when it comes to remote working. We have moved to remote installation to ensure that all new customers are able to get their new telephony and IT installed without the need for an engineer’s visit. This means that we simply ship the hardware to our customers’ homes and offices, they plug them in and our engineers guide them through the set up via a short phone call. We also have remote training in place so that new customers can simply dial in to one of our virtual meeting rooms and go through their new setup with one of our remote trainers, as if they were in the same room. Plus, we’ve launched a number of offers specifically designed to assist businesses during this uncertain period as much as possible. These include getting three months free on all new phone systems and enjoying free access to the PRO version of Enreach Meetings until September 30th.

Remote working

Our advice:

It’s never too late to get working remotely, whether that is on a flexible basis following the end of the lockdown period or from now onwards. Our top tips for working remotely include taking part in regular video conferencing, ensuring our staff take regular breaks and constantly looking at ways we can use technology to help improve the home working experience. By moving to the cloud and upgrading your phone system, you can make life easier and work as if you were in the office. There’s no need to put up with temporary fixes and unsatisfactory solutions. You can find a solution that works for your business, both now and in the future.

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