Forget Everything You Know About Voicemail

Monday, 28th February 2022
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At Enreach we’re in the business of helping businesses like yours to connect with their customers and suppliers, and we believe that a missed call is a missed opportunity, so allow us to explain all the amazing benefits of use for your voicemail system.

The best tools for productivity are often overlooked and could be used much more efficiently for the business. When we call people, they don’t always pick up on the first try. You can leave them a voicemail, but are you using that recorded message to its full potential?

Most people aren’t sure how to approach a business voicemail. It’s about setting up your voicemail for a purpose. What do you hope to achieve out of the caller leaving a voicemail? Why would they leave you a voicemail?

What is a business voicemail?

A voicemail is a recorded message left in a phone system when a phone call goes unanswered. Business voicemails can be used to ensure you aren’t missing out on potential sales when you miss a call. A lot of businesses have used voicemail systems for years, but many have never used them to their full potential.

How can I use business voicemails to benefit my business?

Improve your business efficiency

Whether you are on or off the premises, business operations should still continue as normal. With hybrid working remaining a popular choice in the last couple of years, this message is more important now than ever.

Voicemails can help to improve efficiency when it comes to leaving behind information or instructions when you can’t get to the phone, as from time to time missing a phone call is unavoidable maybe you are leaving the office to attend a meeting, or to conduct other important matters. You can potentially lose a buying customer whilst missing a call, but with voicemail, you can leave a number for the customer to redirect their call or prompt them to leave you a message so that you can get back to them as soon as possible.

Save time with voicemail to email

With Enreach Contact that offer the function to use voicemail to email. This means that you can ensure the message is delivered, whatever it is, and you can also have the comfort of knowing you should never miss a voicemail again. So, what is voicemail to email? When an incoming call is left unanswered, if that person chooses to leave a voicemail, you will receive an email notification containing your voicemail in an audio format, allowing you to respond in a timely manner. Talk about as easy as pie!

Forward calls

Out of office? No problem! Get your voicemail system to forward your incoming calls to a chosen employee, or to your mobile phone. This way your business can continue to operate whilst you are one the move.

Screen calls

In the business world, responding to junk calls can be a waste of time that could’ve otherwise been used, productively. However with call screening, you are able to assess the callers’ intentions before answering the call. This works by listening to the caller’s message in real-time before deciding to answer or forward the call to voicemail. ,

Satisfying customer needs

While it is always important to develop a new customer base, it is equally important to retain your customers. After all,  it is beneficial to create a return customer with good customer service,  . So, why not use professional voicemail to aid that customer journey? Nurture your relationships by ensuring that even when you can’t get to the phone, your customers can leave a message and have their call returned in a flash.

Do you want to find out how our voicemail solutions can help you to increase your productivity, so that you don’t miss out on a missed opportunity? Or are you just looking for some friendly, impartial advice on the best tools to make communicating a breeze? We can help! Contact us today via our live chat, call 0333 3603 723, or email






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