How we make every contact count

Tuesday, 4th October 2022

Effective business communication is essential for the success and growth of any organisation. Ok, that’s a pretty obvious statement, but it’s worth reflecting on that sometimes, and considering how your own comms can be improved to make sure they’re not holding you back.

It’s easy to assume that when we talk about “making contact count” we are talking about ‘sales’ specifically, and how customers and potential customers are dealt with. But that isn’t the case. Business productivity and performance overall can be massively influenced by the internal flow of communication and having a strategy to monitor and grow its effectiveness should be at the heart of any business.


As a business, we prefer the term contact over something like industry favourite; “Unified Communication” because that phrase focuses on the technology and not how people communicate, connect and collaborate. Every contact whether verbal, written, virtual or in-person has the potential to accomplish great things, build brands, strengthen relationships or drive sales. That is why we feel it sits more comfortably with our vision to enable more meaningful human connections – without technology as a barrier.


So outside of a clever headline, why should you make every contact count? With the end of another year in sight, we look at how great communication can boost the performance of your business and help you smash any last remaining goals and objectives for 2022.

1). Build Better Business Relationships

Building strong relationships is fundamentally aligned to building a better business. Be responsive, be flexible and be available via multiple channels. The flow of communication both internally and externally should be seamless, clear and easy.

2). Build Stronger Teams

Your teams will perform better without the barriers that technology can sometimes put in place. When teams can effectively collaborate, things get done. Ideas happen and relationships can flourish. In today’s cloud-based IT environments, tech should be used to support growth, not get in the way of it.

3). Avoid Disruption

Out-of-date technologies can put a huge strain on productivity and can make people disconnect. With more and more companies adopting a hybrid working solution, making sure your teams have access to the same tools as being “at the office” can help maintain professionalism and build brand perception. High-speed internet, cloud-based collaboration tools and connectivity backup will work to mitigate the impact of any disruption.

4). Boost Productivity

Having the means to collaborate, share ideas and manage people is crucial to business performance. Therefore, establishing a flexible contact structure that incorporates, voice, message, video and all the supporting features will give you the edge. Deploying fast, reliable broadband connections and cloud-based functionality will give you the edge.

Lift Your Brand

How you communicate says a lot about your brand. Don’t leave callers hanging while you frantically try and track them down. Or worse, promote contact channels that are not functioning. It can be really detrimental to your brand if customers and colleagues can’t get hold of you when they need you.

5). Improve Morale

When teams can see that a business takes contact and technology seriously, they will feel better supported to be able to perform to their best. When people are motivated and happy, projects progress, deals get done and relationships are built.

6). Where Enreach can help to make the difference

We’re here to make every contact count. Our decades of expertise, tech and solutions combine to make a genuine difference to how your business uses contact on a day-to-day basis.


Enreach Contact

Moving to a cloud phone system might be the single most important move your business can make. Enreach Contact is our flexible and fully scalable cloud-based phone system. You get a completely unified experience, with a solution that works however and wherever you need it to across devices.

Being cloud-based means your entire systems can be accessed through an online portal to quickly and easily make changes and access system data. Enreach Contact is loaded with features that make how people interact with your business better.

The most popular are:

Auto Attendant: Auto attendant or virtual receptionist, as it is also commonly referred to, is one of the key features that businesses find particularly useful. It allows callers to be automatically transferred to the extension of the person or department they actually require, without the need for a receptionist or telephone operator. Thanks to a simple menu and flow system, which is fully customisable to the needs and structure of your company, callers are able to highlight their issue and rationale for calling, before they need to speak to a person. This can help businesses run much more efficiently by ensuring that staff only answer calls that are relevant to them.

Presence States: Users can set their availability so you can instantly see if they’re available via your global address book on your laptop, mobile, handset or tablet. This is super helpful in larger or multisite organisations where calls are regularly transferred between departments, buildings or even countries.

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMG): Cloud phones offer a feature called fixed mobile convergence (FMC) which eliminates the need for separate mobile and landline numbers, consolidating calls and reducing confusion for customers. Importantly, it also enables seamless transfer of activity between different devices. This means, for example, if you need to get to an appointment, but a call isn’t finished you can easily switch it to your mobile device with no interruption.

Easily Scalable: Through a simple access portal you can add or remove users in an instant. The softphone capabilities of the software mean new starters won’t need to wait for special equipment to get going. Through a laptop or mobile, users can be instantly incorporated into a business.

Enreach Contact is positively loaded with time-saving, performance boosting features and should absolutely be the next upgrade you make to your communications.

Enreach Connectivity Solutions

You can’t do business without a reliable broadband connection, which is why we never compromise on connectivity. We combine high performance with the best possible user experience. Whether you are searching for superfast fibre or a basic business broadband connection, we’ve got the solution that works for you.

There are many types of broadband, and we can advise on what is the right one for you.

ADSL Broadband: a cost-effective robust solution that means you get the reliability and speeds you need without paying over the odds. There’s no compromises. Our ADSL packages include unlimited and unmetered monthly download restrictions so you can use it to your heart’s content. Also, our expert team will install it and monitor it, so you don’t have any stress. You can just focus on your business.

Fibre Broadband/FTTP: Fast is good but superfast is better. Fibre broadband is 5x faster than standard ADSL. Fibre is the ideal, robust platform to take advantage of cloud, VoIP and hosted services without spending any extra on connectivity. All in all, it’s the ideal choice if you’ve outgrown your ADSL broadband. You’re expanding and it’ll grow with you.

EFM Broadband: It may be cost-effective, but that doesn’t mean you compromise. You don’t share your connection with anyone else and we tailor it to suit your business perfectly, so you only pay for what you need. It’s the ideal broadband solution if you use SIP, cloud telephony, video conferencing and you regularly upload tons of data. It takes everything you throw at it, and it could save you up to 40% less than a fibre leased line.

Assured Broadband is reassuringly robust. You can’t afford any dramas with your internet connection, so it’s guaranteed to deliver the bandwidth, service and performance that’s vital for your business. It’s ideal for priority applications such as SIP and cloud telephony. Assured Broadband perfectly partners with your other solutions to provide you with a complete, unified communications package.

SoGEA Broadband: SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) removes the need for a traditional phone line to deliver your broadband, reducing the cost of the service and not the performance. The removal of the existing phone line future-proofs connectivity as the UK moves over to an IP network.

Enreach Mobile

Get more from your business mobile devices with flexible 5G sims and the latest Android and IOS devices. With mobile being so central now in terms of how businesses communicate, we combine all our services (broadband, telephony, IT etc.) all into one place reducing administration and giving you greater cost transparency.

There is so much more we can do for your business and this article only scratches the surface on what we can offer. If you are looking to switch-up how your business communicates and enjoy all the benefits that can bring – we can make contact magic for you.

Click the chat widget in the corner of your browser, email us via the contact form or call us on 0800 097 6543 and let’s get the conversation started.

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