How we work post-lockdown – what does this look like?

Friday, 10th July 2020

Gradually, as lockdown eases and life begins to regain some normality, businesses are introducing people back into the office. However, with many employees having worked from home for some time now, and discovering the many benefits that come with it, will the workplace post-lockdown, look the same as it did before?

For those in industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare and Construction, working life will inevitably remain the same, bar the obvious safety precautions and continued social distancing. However, the commercial sector has much scope for change and adaptation, with many of their desk-bound employees experiencing significant benefits from home working, in regard to their productivity, efficiency and overall morale.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at ways in which lockdown has influenced working practices and how these changes will impact businesses, perhaps for the better.

A greater need for Flexibility

With home working becoming the ‘new normal’ for many earlier this year, it quickly became clear that the traditional 9 – 5 working day posed a variety of challenges for people, particularly for those with children and other dependents in the same environment. With a wide range of possible distractions, the ability to focus on the task in hand, as well as productivity levels, was an issue.

With a number of businesses recognising this, and implementing a flexible, remote working policy, staff have been able to create their own schedules that allow them to work at times suitable to them, with no distractions and the space to work effectively and efficiently. As teams return to the office, the continuation of a flexible working policy will no doubt benefit businesses, with employees performing at their peak and achieving even more success.

Video Conferencing is the norm

Although the prospect of remote working was initially met with caution by many, the benefits soon became apparent. As lockdown continued, a large majority of employees found they were more productive, motivated, and happy during their working day. Staying connected with colleagues and customers has been easy to do, with an array of video conferencing solutions available.

Platforms such as Enreach Meetings, offer easy to use video conferencing without the need for any downloads or external software. All you need to do is open the link in your browser, on the device of your choosing and invite others to join you in your ‘meeting room’ – it’s that simple! Plus, with features such as screen and document sharing, instant messaging, note taking, a record function and the ability to host meeting with up to 25 participants, video conferencing really is as effective as face-to-face meetings.

Businesses are embracing new solutions

Lockdown has also resulted in businesses looking for more flexible methods of communication and in regard to their telephony set up, many have discovered the benefits of a cloud phone system. By moving to the cloud, businesses are provided with a futureproof phone system that requires no additional hardware or cabling. As a result, your system can be plugged in from any location with a WiFi connection. The usability of the phone won’t be compromised at all, with features such as transfer, call recording and presence working exactly as they would, were you in the office.

For those wanting a solution that combines video calling capabilities with a phone system situated in the cloud, businesses are upgrading to a smart desk phone. With the ability to do everything a mobile phone and tablet can do; a smart desk phone is ideal for those who work flexibly and remotely. Simple to use and packed full of customisable and future proof features, these phone systems truly represent the next phase in business communication. A smart desk phone such as HD Touch, includes an 8” HD quality screen, free video calls, access to a huge variety of apps, email and document access, and much more.

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