Hybrid Working Interview 2 – 7Video

Friday, 30th July 2021
Blog Interview with 7Video Peter Sims
In the second of our hybrid working interviews, we’ve sat down with Peter Sims, Director at 7Video. As an award-winning media production company in Shropshire, the business has taken hybrid working in its stride.  
Let’s jump into the interview… 

Q1 What does your business do and what is your role there?  

I’m Peter, the director at 7video. We are a media production company. 

Q2 Have you been able to work from home during the pandemic?  

Yes. We were able to adapt and allow our staff to work from home. 

Q3 Now that restrictions are easing, are your team members working on site, at home, in the office or a mixture of the three?  

We have installed a rotation of people working from home and in the office and hope to have everyone back in the office soon. 

Q4. What technology have you relied on to keep your teams connected during the pandemic?  

We’ve relied on a mixture of online collaboration tools and video conferencing platforms.  

Q5. What would you say are the pros and cons to hybrid working in your industry?   

Creative people need time and space to work. Having a hybrid approach gives our staff the freedom to create great things. 

Q6. What advice would you give to businesses in your industry looking to adopt hybrid working?  

Do it! I don’t believe in the 9 to 5. So long as our clients are happy and deadlines are met, I’m not strict on where or when people work. 

Q7. Do you think Shropshire business are as ‘tech-forward’ as they should be? 

Tech changes all the time. I think all businesses can fall behind quickly and it’s sometimes challenging to keep up. But finding the right solution or process is the key, whether that’s with the latest tech or not. 

Q8. Do you think working patterns in Shropshire will change as restrictions ease? 

I think it depends on the company. As a creative company we have certainly embraced the hybrid way of working. 

Q9. What technology would you recommend to others considering hybrid working?  

A good communications solution including both phones and internet. Communication is key. 

Q10. What business lessons have you learnt from the pandemic? 

Having a good team makes you stronger and communicating with clients is key. You never know what is around the corner so be prepared.

A big thank you to Peter for speaking to us. It’s been fascinating to hear how hybrid working is impacting 7Video. If you’d like to sit down and speak to us about the impact hybrid working is having on your industry, please contact us via enquiries.uk@enreach.com, via our chat bot, or give us a call on 0333 3603 723. 

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