Improve internal communications by introducing business mobiles

Wednesday, 9th October 2019
Improve internal communications with business mobiles

It’s understandable that businesses would consider their external communications solutions to be of paramount importance, whether it be discussing an order with your suppliers or solving queries for your customers. But, quite often we forget the importance of our internal communications and how they benefit our business – therefore, we have discussed how introducing business mobiles can improve your internal communications.

Clear internal communication is vital to your business and can be the difference between a positive or negative work environment that fosters employee loss or retention. It’s essential that your staff members are able to communicate with one another at all times regardless of where they are physically located. This is where business mobiles become key. Business mobiles allow you to answer calls and emails when you are both in and out of the office. If for example, a senior member of staff was working from home they would still be able to answer a query almost immediately with a business mobile, thus increasing efficiency and productivity throughout your business.

Business mobiles are able to seamlessly integrate with your hosted business phone system which means not only can calls to your desk phone be diverted to your mobile but you can access your address book via your mobile too, so you don’t need to have your colleagues phone numbers.

In addition, you can utilise your business mobiles to create a shared space (such as an app) for your employees to gather company information and share their news with everyone. This leads to improved employee relationships and garners a better working environment.

Video calling is also becoming a common communication tool within businesses both internally and externally. Providing your employees with business mobiles that have video calling capabilities means that they can offer more assistance to staff members on site as it is often easier to see an issue in order to solve it which, in turn, improves customer satisfaction as well as internal relationships.

Furthermore, video calling can improve the relationship between your in-house employees and remote employees. With remote working becoming increasingly popular, it is important that those employees who aren’t in the office are not only kept in the loop but are able to create relationships with their colleagues. Video calling is the ideal answer to this as it allows your remote employees to get to know your in-house employees and vice versa while easily being able to ask for advice and discuss any customer queries and problems.

A positive internal culture can be the difference between success and failure of a business so having business mobiles that allow for quicker and clearer communication is a must! Enreach is network neutral which allows us to access the best deals on business mobiles across all networks.

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