Is a cloud-based phone system VoIP?

Wednesday, 30th March 2022
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VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, most cloud-based phone systems use VoIP to deliver the calls. So, VoIP is a technical aspect of a cloud-based phone system. They could be considered the same or parts of the same overall business phone system.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, it is the way in which phone calls are made using an internet connection, in the majority of cases. This excludes Wi-Fi calling, this is a separate process that is provided by some phone providers. VoIP is a communication protocol which takes data (in the form of voice), packages it up and transfers it using an internet connection to the person on the other end of the phone. This process is done in real time as you are making a phone call and talking using a cloud phone system. The process is occurring in the background, so you will not notice it.

In 2025, the UK will no longer use any analogue telephone systems, these systems do not rely on an internet connection, they instead use traditional phone lines. Once this comes into place VoIP phone systems will be the main communication method for phone calls. This is not only happening in the UK but generally all over the world. There is a slow shift away from analogue to internet-based systems in most first world countries. In the meantime, the infrastructure to provide fast reliable internet connection, even in remote parts of the UK continues to expand. The government and internet providers are working together to provide fast reliable internet to all parts of the UK, without this infrastructure in place some areas of the UK could be cut off and unable to effectively communicate using VoIP. The government has reassured businesses and the public that by 2025 all areas of the UK will have good internet connectivity and there will no longer be a need for the analogue system.

What is a cloud based phone system?

A cloud phone system encompasses much more than just the internet protocol which provides the data (voice) from one end of the connection to the other. A cloud based phone system is the complete package which includes features such as call management, professional voicemail, marketing on hold, chat functions, CRM integrations, video chat and much more. Cloud phone systems can be easily set up and adapted to suit your business needs, they are flexible and grow as your business grows.

No wires are needed, and the system can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. This helps to facilitate offices with multiple locations or employees who want the additional flexibility of working from home.

Cloud phone systems are hosted on dedicated servers which are held in secure remote locations. This provides extra security for businesses as the server is not held on the business premises which could require additional security.

Cloud phone systems provide additional data and management capabilities to customer service managers. They can view the number of calls employees have taken or made, the length of calls, and other important details such as missed calls or missed opportunities. This data can help to improve businesses efficiencies and customer service.

VoIP and cloud phone system requirements.

The main requirement to facilitate VoIP and cloud phone systems is a good internet connection. We recommend a connection of 200KB per second to make sure your business would receive sufficient connection and high-quality calls. You can easily test your internet speed by using several tools, we have a tool you can use which is located at the bottom of our technical support page. Here you can test to see the speed of your current internet connection.

We also recommend discussing any changes or concerns with your IT providers as there may be known issues or fixes that they are working on. Together with high speed internet connection a cloud based phone system needs a reliable connection. So, if you’re moving around your business premises you want to make sure that all areas are covered completely. If this isn’t the case at the current time you can easily fix the issue by installing a mesh WI-FI system.

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