Is business-grade broadband essential for home workers?

Thursday, 3rd June 2021
Man working from home
This article was written by Roan Pratt, our Director of Sales, who shares his thoughts on why it’s crucial remote workers have access to superfast broadband when working from home.

With remote working going nowhere, we’ve been asked time and time again whether remote workers can work effectively with domestic broadband. Can they work using domestic broadband? Yes. But, can they work effectively? Not quite.

While home broadband offered a connection to give remote workers access to their emails and files at the beginning of the pandemic, it’s simply not enough to support full time remote workers.

Providing your home workers with business-grade broadband offers the opportunity to provide faster and more effective customer service and benefit from increased staff productivity. Not to mention, offering employees business-grade broadband for home use is a benefit that will attract top-class talent.

So, what makes business-grade broadband so crucial for home workers?

Firstly, it’s much safer. Having a business network separate to your employee’s home network improves security – something that is a concern for all business owners with home workers.

Secondly, it’s much quicker and more reliable. While top of the range home broadband packages do offer fast download speeds ideal for streaming films and series, the upload speeds simply don’t match up. With video calls becoming the daily norm, it’s crucial for employees to have a reliable connection that keeps them on the call, after all, there’s nothing worse than hearing cries of ‘you’re frozen’ or, ‘you’re breaking up’!

Finally, the support is so much better. With improved SLAs your fix times are greatly improved, ensuring if an employee is offline, it won’t be for long!

So, what do you think, are you risking domestic broadband for your remote workers? Or, are you investing in them and making business-grade broadband a necessity?

Considering a new broadband solution for your remote workers? We’re ready to help. Whether you need a quote or some helpful advice, contact us today on, 0333 3603 723 or, reach out using our live chat bot here.

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