Is it really possible to work from anywhere in 2022?

Thursday, 6th January 2022
cloud based phone system

Hybrid looks set to be the working model of the future. Recent surveys and whitepapers anticipate about a quarter of the workforce (23%) will work remotely on a full-time basis in two years’ time, and almost half (41%) will embrace hybrid working*. If that proves successful and a desirable proposition to new talent, choosing between a company that offers a hybrid model vs one that does not, will likely further increase the divide.

For some the change has meant increased flexibility, choosing their hours around family time and a welcome end to an arduous commute. To others, remote working has been a challenging and lonely experience without regular social interaction.

The demand on employers has also been incredibly high. Businesses have been forced to adopt new technologies and ways of working at very short notice, which many may have never considered in the first place. That is coupled with a focus on how to support the mental wellbeing of employees as we all adjust to new ways of working and the expectations that brings.

That seismic shift has left departments divided and a workforce doing the best they can from kitchen tables and temporary desks. Surrounded by children, pets, flakey broadband and consumer grade networking devices.

With all those challenges, how do you maintain professionalism and deliver the brand expectations of all those connected to your business? We have all been in the same boat of course, but how would your customers judge your performance during the pandemic? And post pandemic, what lessons can be learned and acted upon as we move to a hybrid future?

That brings us to the real question of this article. Is it really possible to work from anywhere? Moreover, not simply work, but thrive and deliver on company ambitions. The short answer, we think is yes. With of course, the right tools in place.

Hybrid working / remote working (whatever you are comfortable calling it) is all about empowering individuals to enable them to keep doing what they do best.

When you consider how teams are working, here are the 4 key areas to consider and where Enreach can supercharge their performance.

1. Broadband

Business grade, rock-solid broadband. It is as essential to business as any other utility and when it’s not performing, productivity can grind to a halt. Consumer or home broadband simply may not be up to the task especially with multiple people in a household working from home, streaming or playing games online– all competing for precious bandwidth.

As an employer, do you know what connection speeds and situations your remote teams are dealing with? Could it be improved and if it was, would you make their role more manageable and individuals more effective? Everyone’s situation will be different, but with the UK’s average broadband speed being just 51.48Mbps** it’s worth exploring how this can be given a boost with one of our fibre/fttp packages.

2. Cloud

Rolling out a cloud phone system and all the associated services it brings, really can be a game changer. We’ll leave explaining how it technically works because what it does is so much more important and the results can be truly transformative. A cloud system makes your business telephony accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, via most compatible devices. Our own cloud solution, Enreach Contact, gives your teams total flexibility in the way they work. It makes distances disappear and will scale to meet the needs of your business. In other words, it’s the perfect platform for connecting a hybrid workforce.

Then there’s the practical aspects of cloud, like freeing up of physical space, as you don’t need expensive on-site equipment or servers. It is controlled via an intuitive admin portal to manage settings and users in minutes. Add to that reductions in line rental, no upfront costs, video conferencing… Once you have experienced all it can offer, it’s unlikely you will ever go back.

3. Mobile

Mobile devices can integrate seamlessly in to your commercial phone system, meaning wherever you take your mobile your business can travel with you. But don’t worry, presence states in our CTI software means you can disconnect just as easily. Combining your business mobiles with a cloud platform like Enreach Contact will give you the ability to seamlessly flip calls between devices and become truly able to connect on the go.

Businesses are frequently expecting employees to use their own devices but that brings it’s own challenges with expenses and bills coming from multiple sources. Controlling those costs and the performance of individual devices with us as a central source, can  typically find 25% savings over your current suppliers. With access to all networks and the very latest phones, Enreach Mobile packages can really keep your teams together.

4. Office 365

When we talk about a tool that enables teams to collaborate, this is the perfect example. Office 365 is a software as a service solution combining the most common Microsoft applications, most of us use day in, day out. Moving these apps to this cloud based format means wherever you connect on compatible devices, you can work and continue projects. Not only that but you also benefit from a massive 1Tb of shareable storage via OneDrive enabling collaboration in a super secure, super reliable environment. It runs seamlessly almost everywhere with fully featured editions for both Windows (obviously) and MacOS and powerful apps on iOS and android.

Enreach can help you move to Office 365. Our in-house IT services team are experts in migration, making the process swift and seamless to move you across to get you up and running in no time.

Start right. Start together.

As we move in to 2022 with the uncertainty of the last 2 years still looming large, whatever your communications needs, from small business to large enterprise, Enreach are here to support you. Wherever your teams are based now and in the future, our solutions can bring them together without compromising performance.

Hybrid working can work for you, wherever your teams are based. Give us a call today on: 0333 272 3584 and together we can keep you working wonders.



References correct at the time of publication


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