Is it time to upgrade your business to the cloud?

Tuesday, 16th January 2018

It’s no secret that business phone system technology is moving quickly and, as a result, hosted telephone systems are rapidly becoming the first choice for companies across the UK. Delivering calls via the internet, a hosted phone system removes the need for telephone system hardware and enables you to save money on call costs and line rental charges by including free site-to-site calls and reduced call rates. With a hosted voice system, you can enjoy all the benefits of an on-premises system without the complications, expense and maintenance issues that come with hosting your system on site.

But what is a hosted telephone system and how could it improve the efficiency of your business?

What is the cloud?

Put simply, when we’re talking about the cloud we’re talking about software and services that operate on the Internet, instead of locally on your desktop or laptop. This means that instead of your data being stored in one place (or up in the heavens as the name suggests), your data is stored by remote servers and at any point this network of servers can locate the data you’re looking for and deliver it to you. Think Netflix, Google Docs or Dropbox.

What is a hosted phone system?

A hosted phone system runs on the same principles as Netflix or any other cloud-based service that you’re used to. Instead of relying on a traditional PBX residing in your business premises, your telephone system resides in the cloud. Users can then access this system through an IP handset or a softphone and a broadband connection is used to make and receive calls. Your devices are accessing the data that is stored by your remote business telephone system and delivering it to you over broadband. You can also route PSTN fixed and mobile devices to the system.

The benefits of a hosted phone system

Choosing a hosted telephone system for your business has a number of key benefits. First and foremost, it could save you money. By accessing low-cost and free IP calling, you can enjoy free calls between your offices (including international sites) and you won’t have to spend anything up-front on hardware, software or maintenance. You’ll just need handsets. The flexibility of a hosted system also means that your staff can work from wherever they want (as long as they have internet access), you can pick up calls across multiple devices, you can make changes to the system instantly (adding users as required to offer a scalable telecoms solution), you can manage your own calls and you can enjoy great voice quality. Disaster recovery is also built-in as standard, giving you extra peace of mind.

What if I want to keep my traditional phone system?

At the moment, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a fully functional, traditional phone system operating on ISDN lines, however BT has announced that from 2020 you will no longer be able to purchase ISDN and PSTN circuits as it will be ‘switching them off’ from 2025 in favour of voice over IP. It is worth planning ahead and considering how your business will make the move to an internet based phone system.

But, if it’s in the cloud, what is actually installed?

At Enreach, our hosted voice platform, NT Cloud, is hosted with highly secure UK data centres. All you’ll need to install in your office is a choice of HD quality handsets, a managed router, cabling and managed Enreach connectivity. We like to keep things simple.

Hosted phone system features

You can utilise our call management and call recording features with a hosted business phone system. With our call management software, you can analyse and monitor your calls, ensuring that you know which calls (and potential sales opportunities) have been missed, how your staff are performing on the phone and evaluate caller tolerance. You can provide reports on performance, analyse marketing campaigns, design shift patterns based on call volumes and even combat telecommunications fraud.

Call recording is also one of the most effective ways to resolve disputes with recorded evidence, train employees by playing back both high and low-quality calls and improving customer service by analysing performance. You can have a searchable log of all your calls right at your fingertips and ensure that you are complying with government policies and data protection standards.

Mobile convergence

At Enreach, using our NT Cloud mobile app, we can connect your mobile device to your hosted telephone system and enable dialling and collaboration features on your mobile, meaning that you can be ‘in the office’ wherever you are. You can enjoy features including soft phone, instant messaging, presence status and the remote configuration of your hosted phone system. Sharing the cloud based addressed book, you can quickly access and call contacts without needing to store all your numbers locally on your mobile.

How safe is a hosted phone system?

The security and protection of our customer’s data is the highest priority for us. Our hosted system is closed and data encrypted to ensure that only authorised users have access.

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