Key reasons why you should move your business to the cloud

Thursday, 22nd October 2020

Moving to a brand new business phone system can feel like a daunting task, but what if this transition could provide you with a whole host of busines boosting benefits? With traditional phone lines that have been in use since 1986, being switched off permanently in 2025, now truly is the time to take that leap and choose a futureproof phone system that helps your business to connect in even more ways.

With flexible working cementing itself as a new way of life for many businesses, employees need a communications solution that will ensure they can stay in touch with colleagues and customers, regardless of whether they’re working from home, in the office, or on the road. A cloud phone system makes this possible, thanks to its ability to work from any device, and from anywhere! Plus, with greater freedom to work your way, limitless scalability, and a whole host of user-friendly, dynamic features, cloud telephony is the ideal solution for all businesses and all budgets.

Still not convinced? Our tech experts have put together a list of key reasons why moving to a cloud phone system could help your business to reach new heights!

Cost efficient

A common assumption is that cloud communication solutions are extremely costly, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cloud telephony has proven to be very cost effective for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With a traditional phone system, you will most likely be charged for every minute spent on a call, with increased charges for international calls.

However, with a cloud phone system, your line rental and call costs will be at a fixed rate and significantly less than what you pay for your current system. You’ll also receive free site to site calls, both locally and internationally! What’s more, with no additional hardware, you’ll also experience savings when it comes to engineer visits, maintenance and equipment costs.

Work anywhere, at anytime

With full phone system functionality wherever there’s an internet connection, cloud phone systems offer businesses the opportunity to stay connected, regardless of where people are working from.

Additionally, cloud office phones are completely compatible with plug and play handsets, such as the award winning video phone, NT Multimedia. So as long as you have a WiFi connection, you can work effectively and efficiently from anywhere, and from any device, be it your laptop, business mobile, or tablet – the choice is yours!

Stay connected on the go

With flexible and remote working at an all-time high, businesses should make sure their workforce has a phone system that allows for seamless connectivity, even on the go. With a cloud phone system, calls can easily be flipped from one device to another, with the person on the other end of the line, none the wiser! Gone are the days when conversations would have to prematurely end, due to travel or an abrupt move from one place to the next.

What’s more, you don’t even need your phone on hand to make a call! With a cloud phone system, all you need to do is log into the built-in softphone from your laptop or desktop browser, and you can make calls at any time, from any location.

A cloud business solution allows staff to maintain a continuous presence, regardless of location, where calls can be easily made and received and workflow is consistent.

Grows with your business

As businesses grow, so do their needs. With an increase in staff and perhaps the need for more office space, it’s key that a phone system can effectively scale to meet those changes, without complications. A cloud phone system gives businesses the flexibility to make those changes as and when they need to, such as adding or removing users, by accessing a central admin, web-based portal.

Another fantastic cloud phone system feature that ensures increased usability and access, is the ability to integrate with almost any CRM system. As a result, valuable data is available for anyone who needs it, wherever they’re working from.

Business continuity

Cloud phone systems have their own built-in disaster recovery, allowing you to maintain a continuous presence and access to the tools required to keep your business running smoothly, even during unforeseen events, such as severe weather conditions, burglaries, or potential cyber-attacks.

With all of your data stored in the cloud and held in a dedicated server centre, you can be sure, that should something potentially disruptive occur, your servers, email exchanges, virtual platforms and various devices will all be protected.

Futureproof your business

With the end in sight for traditional phone lines, businesses are faced with the reality that they need to start thinking about an alternative communication solution that will work for them now, and in the future.

With it’s undeniable flexibility, affordability and ease of use, cloud telephony truly represents the next stage in business communication. Guaranteed to continually evolve as your business does, a cloud phone system gives you the freedom to work exactly how you want, and from where you want, without having to compromise your productivity or connectivity.

Ready to move your business to the cloud? Contact a member of our customer service team today on 0333 3603 723 or email for details on our range of cloud telephony solutions. We’re currently offering our cloud phone systems for FREE, for three months!


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