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Monday, 4th July 2022

As Enreach has grown we have brought together some of the best technologies and minds in the industry. Today, throughout the UK and Europe, we are one integrated Enreach family, uniquely positioned with the breadth and depth of telecom services, contact centre functions, productivity tools, mobile expertise and connectivity.

However, we have noticed a problem when describing what we do simply as Unified Communications (UC). The term isn’t wrong, but the emphasis is on the technology rather than the people that benefit, and that doesn’t work for us.

Increasingly we are using the term ‘contact’ and for good reason. Contact more accurately describes how people communicate, collaborate and work. It fits more comfortably alongside our vision; to enable more meaningful human connections – without technology as a barrier. Contact is the basis of every form of interaction regardless of the delivery method or device which is much more in keeping with our broad expertise and vision for the future.

We also like ‘contact’ because it fits into a more modern view of the digital workplace. To us, talking about UC and UCaaS is still valid, but they are starting to feel old-fashioned and out of step, not just with our vision but these terms are not representative of how everyone shares and receives contact in multiple ways. Also, UC and UCaaS describe the ‘how’ not the ‘why’, technology abbreviations that work for the industry but not for people in general.

We believe Converged Contact Solutions are the way forward. We are bringing together all forms of contact into one, seamless, user-controlled, flexible environment that gives businesses the control and feedback to make better decisions.

Converged Contact Solutions are not a pipe-dream. It is our business trajectory and we envisage it will be the next evolution for our industry as a whole. We are actively rolling this out across Europe and it is going to become the norm for us here in the UK too.

Why not get in touch and let’s discuss your digital day and how your workflow could benefit from our converged contact solutions. Just use the chat function in the corner of your browser, use our contact form or drop us a line.

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