Maximising productivity in a flexible workplace

Thursday, 31st October 2019

With remote working becoming commonplace in business today, it’s no surprise that contemporary workspaces are reflecting the need for mobility, with employees being encouraged to move away from their desks and develop a more flexible approach to their workday, with the intention of increasing productivity, efficiency and morale.

However, regardless of whether your staff are working in the office, from home, or on the road, ensuring the smooth running of your business is paramount.

Our tech experts have taken a look at a number of key communications solutions that are perfectly suited to the mobile nature of a flexible workspace, and work to promote a collaborative, focussed and unified team.


Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems possess all of the features of a traditional business phone system, whilst proving to be an extremely cost effective, scalable and malleable communications solution. An ideal choice for businesses with a flexible workforce, VoIP transforms audio recordings into digital signals, before sending those signals as data, via your broadband connection and then transforms them back into audio for the person on the other end of the ‘line’. Due to all conversations taking place across the internet, employees can take their office with them anywhere they go, as long as the location offers a data or WiFi connection. The mobility of VoIP means employees on the go can still access emails and files, complete their work and remain contactable at all times.

Mobile Integration

Through Mobile Integration (most commonly through the use of an app), your mobile phone will have all of the same capabilities as your desk phone, whilst also being able to make calls across any WiFi network. Much like VoIP, Mobile Integration is perfectly suited to a flexible workforce and can significantly increase productivity and even profitability, with more opportunities to connect with colleagues and customers when you otherwise may not be able to. Furthermore, mobile integration also offers a number of features that otherwise, would not be available via your mobile, such as conference calling, transferring, and ‘call back later’. Caller ID will also be displayed with the names and contact information for anyone stored in your company or mobile address book.

Fibre Broadband

For businesses, time is money, and with a flexible workforce relying on top notch solutions to ensure they’re able to work and communicate successfully, fibre broadband will guarantee a reliable and robust connection. With download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, Fibre Broadband is five times faster than standard ADSL Broadband. With a resilient business grade fibre broadband connection, remote and flexible workers will be able to share assets and collaborate with customers and colleagues in real time, with high quality video conferencing capabilities. Additionally, fibre broadband is an ideal option for expanding businesses, due to its scalable nature and ability to grow with you, whilst providing a faster and higher bandwidth solution.

Want to find out how our telephony solutions can help you increase your productivity and reduce your costs, or just some friendly, impartial advice on the best tools to make comms a breeze? Contact us today via our live chat, 0333 3603 723, or email

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