Mobile device management (MDM)

Friday, 6th March 2020
Mobile device management (MDM)

Gone are the days when office working, with one computer for each employee and a business phone system, was the only option for a large majority of organisations. In the current business climate, you really do have the option to work where you want and how you want, whether it be from home, on the road, travelling abroad, or from multiple work sites – the options are endless.

With a Mobile Device Management (MDM) plan, businesses can offer their staff a much more flexible approach to working, which in turn, promotes a much healthier work culture and leads to increased productivity and efficiency. In order to fully understand the purpose of MDM and why you should be incorporating it into your overall business strategy, our tech experts have taken a look at some of the key benefits that an MDM plan could bring to your business. But firstly…

What is MDM?

MDM is a software solution that allows members of staff to access the corporate network from a range of devices, such as business mobiles and tablets, no matter where they’re working from. By managing the device integration, businesses can oversee, secure and enforce business policy on all of the devices that are being used for work purposes.

Why is MDM important?

With approximately 70 million smartphones misplaced year on year and 52% of those devices having been stolen from the workplace, it becomes glaringly obvious why MDM is so vital. As well as lost and stolen devices, the number of cyber-attacks on businesses is on the rise, especially in regard to SMEs, which often result in costly data breaches. With the potential costs and not to mention, the huge disruption a data breach would cause, businesses should implement MDM as standard if they have employees who work remotely and flexibly and use a number of devices. With MDM in place, you can monitor and manage all devices, whilst ensuring all data is secure.

What are the benefits of MDM?

Free IT up to focus on the bigger picture

When MDM is implemented within a business, it’s very common to see a reduction in the level of support that IT provides regarding individual device management, which can involve time consuming and complex processes. With MDM, these processes are automated and therefore create more time for IT departments to focus on a range of other projects and tasks.

MDM and BYOD are perfectly complimented

With the emergence of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend and a greater focus on flexible and remote working, MDM is the perfect partner for this style of working and makes sure all devices are secure and accounted for. Prior to both BYOD and MDM, personal devices being used for work purposes, unbeknownst to the employer, wouldn’t be connected to the corporate network and therefore at risk of hacking, data leaking or a cyber-attack. MDM, however, incorporates all devices and helps business owners to find the happy medium between security and flexibility and create an environment where security and employee freedom work successfully, alongside one another.

Remote Management made easy        

Essentially, MDM works to beat mobile devices at their own game, by adding extra security to healthy devices and bringing the not-so-secure ones up to scratch. With the ability to oversee portable devices from wherever they are, MDM fully supports flexible ways of working, whilst ensuring it done in the most secure way possible. Through MDM, businesses also have the option to disable users if they need to, both permanently or temporarily, which can be particularly effective for those occasions where a member of staff is no longer employed by the company, on long term absence or maternity leave. Additionally, company policies, regulations and updates are actioned across all network enabled devices, which furthermore promotes seamless and streamlined MDM.

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