NT Cloud PRO – a closer look at the futureproof features

Wednesday, 2nd September 2020
NT Cloud PRO

NT Cloud PRO is packed full of futureproof features and it’s time to explore them! Giving you the freedom to work your way, our fully flexible and scalable cloud telephony platform is user-friendly, intuitive, and designed to provide you and your teams with a completely unified communications experience.

Offering a multitude of great benefits over traditional phone systems, NT Cloud PRO makes sure you stay connected from any location, and from of any your favourite devices.

Completely compatible with plug and play handsets, including our award-winning NT Multimedia video phone, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you’re ready to work from home, in the office, or on the road!

With more and more businesses recognising the advantages of flexible and remote working practices, now truly is the time to move to a cloud phone system and experience a communications solution that is guaranteed to never become obsolete and continue to evolve with your business.

We understand that moving over to a new phone system can be overwhelming, and cloud telephony is completely new territory for many businesses, so our tech experts have taken a closer look at the futureproof features of NT Cloud PRO to show you exactly how this next-generation solution can work wonders for your business!

Futureproof features of NT Cloud PRO

Unify your comms

Wherever you’re working from, NT Cloud PRO will make sure you stay connected. With the ability to pick up calls, flip live calls, and display your business number from any device of your choosing, as well as the capability to set up ring plans between any devices, NT Cloud PRO allows you to work and communicate from anywhere, at any time.

Built-in softphone

Experience ultimate flexibility with NT Cloud PRO’s built-in softphone feature, that allows you to connect from any location, and from any device. The perfect solution for businesses who want a scalable solution that allows them to expand without the need for extra hardware, all you need to do is log in from your browser or mobile app and you’re ready to make and take calls.

Manage your system

Need to add or remove a contact to your address book? View your call history? Amend your on-hold marketing? No problem! The easy to use admin portal allows you to effectively manage your users and settings, quickly and easily – you’re in complete control!

Update your availability

Keep your colleagues up to date with your availability and find out theirs, with built-in computer telephony integration (CTI). Let them know when you are free to take a call, in a meeting, or away on lunch. Easily change your status by setting it to switch automatically with your calendar and decide what happens when you’re unavailable. What’s more, when you’re busy or unable to take calls, you can route them to your team, or direct them to voicemail!

Record and play back your calls

The built-in call recording feature allows you to effectively monitor all incoming and outgoing calls. With no need for complicated apps or separate pieces of call recording software, you can quickly and easily listen to any call of your choosing within minutes, to ensure the continued high quality of your customer service.

Built-in disaster recovery

Unfortunately, events such as power cuts, fires and cyber-attacks, not to mention global pandemics, can happen at any time, and can have very real, detrimental effects on your business. With NT Cloud PRO, all of your data is stored in the cloud and continually monitored in a dedicated server centre. Should you experience a disruptive event, your servers, email exchange, virtual platforms and devices will be safe and protected.

We’re currently offering our cloud phone systems for FREE, for the first 3 months. For more information on this, and how NT Cloud PRO could boost your business’ communications, please contact a member of our customer service team on 0333 3603 723 or email enquiries.uk@enreach.com.

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