NT Cloud PRO vs NT Cloud PBX – which one is right for your business?

Friday, 4th September 2020

Finding a communications solution that works perfectly for your business is key to ensuring you’re able to stay connected at all times, from any location. With the growing need for a more flexible workforce, where staff are able to perform their jobs easily and effectively from the office, at home, or on the road, a cloud phone system is an ideal and affordable option for businesses of all sizes, and all budgets.

With this shift in working practices in mind, and the exciting introduction of two new cloud telephony platforms to our existing range of cloud solutions, we thought this would be the perfect time for our tech experts to take a detailed look at both and highlight the key benefits and differences, in order to provide a clear understanding of which platform you need for your business.

NT Cloud PRO

Extremely intuitive and flexible, NT Cloud PRO offers businesses total control over their phone system. Fully hosted in the cloud, NT Cloud PRO gives you the freedom to work how you want and where you want, with the power to manage your setting and users quickly and easily! The simple to use admin portal allows you to add and remove users, manage your greetings for on hold marketing, set up voicemail, and much, much more! Plus, you can set up call diverts, change your presence status, view your call history, block numbers and use instant messaging, without the use of additional software or apps – everything you need is all in one place.

For businesses seeking a more unified approach to their communications, NT Cloud PRO makes it possible to stay connected via any device. On a call in the office and need to leave unexpectedly? With NT PRO, you won’t need to prematurely end your phone conversation, just seamlessly flip your call to your mobile and continue talking, uninterrupted! For even more dynamic communication on the go, simply log into NT Cloud PRO portal via your browser on any device, to access the built-in softphone.

Built-in computer telephony integration (CTI) will give you even greater accessibility and more opportunities to connect – check when you’re colleagues are available to take calls and let them know when you’re away from your desk, taking lunch, or busy in meetings. Set your status to switch automatically with your calendar and route your calls to another member of your team, or to voicemail, to ensure calls are never missed!

What’s more, should you experience any disruptions, such as adverse weather conditions, the built-in disaster recovery will ensure your business stays safe and protected. Located in the cloud, your systems won’t be affected and will therefore be able to perform without interruption.

NT Cloud PBX

A perfect combination of established and futureproof features, NT Cloud PBX was created to provide businesses with a traditional phone system that’s located in the cloud. Extremely cost-effective and easy to use, NT Cloud PBX provides you with even more ways to stay connected than a traditional PBX phone system ever could.

Hosted in our dedicated data centre, NT Cloud PBX provides a much more simplified and streamlined approach to communication, with calls being delivered via the internet. With no need for additional hardware, dedicated lines or engineers, you and your team can work effectively from any location, at any time.

With mobile integration, you’ll be able to turn your mobile into an extension of your desk phone for connectivity on the go! Ideal for flexible and remote workers, twinning your mobile with your desk phone will give you the ability to pick up calls and replicate your phone system on your mobile. Plus, you can check your call history, access your address book and find out your colleagues availability.

Enjoy traditional features, such as call reporting and call management, and integrate NT Cloud PBX with your CRM systems for maximised productivity, no matter where you’re working from!

Want more information on our cloud telephony solutions? Contact a member of our customer service team today on 0333 3603 723 or email enquiries.uk@enreach.com for details on how we can help you to unlock the freedom to work your way, from anywhere, at any time. We’re currently offering our cloud phone systems for FREE, for three months!

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