6 Little known facts about Enreach

Wednesday, 9th January 2019

Think you know everything you need to know about your favourite telecoms provider? We’ve listed six facts which may surprise you.

Our founder is still our MD

Paul Maxfield started Network Telecom over 20 years ago and is still in charge today. He built the company up from simply selling handsets to selling entire business telephone systems and support. It is a family affair for Paul as his two sons work for Network Telecom as well. Paul has a hands-on approach within the company due to his continued passion for telecoms. He is notorious for knowing everyone’s names – even on their first day!

Staff Training is a Priority

We offer every member of staff continued training from day one to ensure that when clients contact us or visit us they can speak to any member of staff, regardless of whether they’re in billing, IT or marketing, and they will be able to help.

Not only is there company training and job role specific training, but there is ongoing product training for all employees from apprentices to senior managers. Shine training is also offered on a regular basis and is designed to improve customer service. These modules are aimed to help Network Telecom employees to improve their self-awareness and aid better communication in and between teams.

Our support isn’t 9-5

We offer 24/7 support as we know that the service we provide is the heartbeat of all organisations and so any problems need to be dealt with straight away. Every single member of our staff is well versed in our support procedures so no matter how you contact us, whether it is by email, phone call or online chat, your query will get to the right person in no time.

A lot of our staff have been with us since day 1

Something that many people don’t know about us is that we have a very high staff retention rate. Many of our employees, including some of our senior managers have been with Network Telecom since the company began back in the 1990s. In addition, we have a number of staff stories that involve staff members returning to us after trying out different job roles, relocating and maternity and paternity leave. We are very proud of how many members of our staff stick with us and believe it is a testament to our company culture.

We use cost savings to fund your new system

The way we approach telecoms is quite different to other suppliers and is something that is often not known about us. We actually use the money that you will save from consolidating your telecoms services to us as a single provider to put towards a totally new phone system. This is a huge factor in the reason we have over 3000 happy clients.

We’re a front runner for women in tech

Another little-known fact about Network Telecom is the number of women at the forefront of our company, paving the way for women in technology. It is difficult to ignore that women haven’t always been so present in technology, especially in the telecoms industry. Network Telecom, however, is a step ahead. We have a high number of female staff especially in managerial positions.

If you would like to learn more about Network Telecom and what we offer, please get in touch with our friendly team on 0333 251 3659 or enquiries.uk@enreach.com.

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