Small Business Phone Systems: what features do you need?

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

Finding the perfect phone system can be a confusing and daunting task, particularly for small businesses. Choosing a system that’s affordable, scalable, feature rich and tailored to meet specific needs may seem like an impossibility, but knowing what features are needed to increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your business makes this process much easier and will ensure you find a phone system that both enhances and elevates your business.

Our tech experts have taken a closer look at some phone system features guaranteed to benefit your business in a multitude of ways:

Video Calling

Creating a more collaborative and unified culture in the workplace, video calling enables team members to maintain human connections irrespective of physical location, which can drastically aid decision making and productivity. For small businesses, video calling creates more opportunities for these type of interactions via long distances or even globally, which may otherwise not be possible due to limited or minimal travel budgets. Additionally, with many small businesses consisting entirely of a remote workforce, the quality of communication isn’t compromised with the ability to video call at any time, from anywhere. Sharing knowledge and learning via video conferencing is faster and more efficient than more traditional communication methods such as phone calls, emails and instant messaging, therefore potentially giving those small businesses who choose to adopt this innovative solution the competitive edge against their industry peers.

Music & Advertising on Hold

For any business, missed incoming calls can mean lost sales and therefore, a potential loss of profit. This can be especially devastating for smaller businesses who may be in the early stages of inception and looking to create a stable, financial foundation for themselves. With music and advertising on hold available for customers to listen to while they wait for their call to be answered, the amount of hangs up will dramatically decrease. As well as providing the caller with a more professional perception of your business, music and advertising on hold are great ways to inform and educate your customers on your products and services, special offers, deals, and targeted messages. With a staggering 60% of callers hanging up when put on hold without any music, advertising or messages, this simple and affordable phone feature could really be the difference between your business making or losing money.

Call Recording

For small businesses looking to establish themselves within their industry, the service they provide can significantly impact brand reputation and dictate future growth. With call recording, small businesses can easily determine their strengths and weaknesses within the customer service process. Recording customer calls also helps in gaining helpful insights, measures the effectiveness of customer calls, provides opportunities for effective staff training, clarifies information and contributes to the improvement of sales strategies. Cost effective and easy to install, call recording offers small businesses the same benefits that were once only available to larger companies with sizeable budgets.

Mobile Integration

Turning your mobile into an extension of your business phone system can significantly increase productivity and profitability and create more opportunities to connect with customers and colleagues anywhere, at any time. For small businesses, extending reach and providing customers with a range of ways to get in contact is imperative to growth in regard to both brand and profitability. Additionally, remote and flexible working is made easier with the ability to conference call, transfer and ‘call back later’ via mobile, thus allowing staff to essentially take the office with them, regardless of location.

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